Where Should I Put My BBQ In My Backyard?

If you’re a backyard owner who likes to grill, you know the question of Where Should I Put My BBQ In My Backyard? That is one that’s been on the minds of many people.

There are lots of considerations when it comes to deciding where to put your BBQ in your yard and we want you to have all the information before making a decision.

Where Should I Put My BBQ In My Backyard

Read on for some tips and tricks about what might work best for you!

If space isn’t an issue then just place it anywhere that has enough room. If this isn’t an option then consider putting it near a fence or wall which can help with wind protection during hot days.

If space is limited, try placing the BBQ next to another object such as a shed, garage, yard.

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A BBQ is a great way to get the whole family together and enjoy some time in the sun. But what do you serve at a backyard BBQ? Gluten-free food, vegetarian options, vegan options – it’s all too easy to make sure everyone can find something they like. A backyard party doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated – here are 10 recipes that will show you how easy it is!

1) Grilled Corn on the Cob: This simple and delicious side dish is perfect for any summertime occasion. (Serving size: 4).

2) Slow Cooker Pulled Pork: You’ll love this slow cooker pulled pork recipe because it’s so versatile and cooks while you go about your day.

Where Should I Put My BBQ In My Backyard

  • BBQ Sauces for Chicken
  • BBQ Sauces for Ribs
  • Fruit BBQ Sauces
  • Mustard BBQ Sauces
  • Vinegar-Based BBQ Sauce
  • Memphis Style BBQ Sauce
  • Texas Style BBQ Sauce


Don’t forget drinks! Keep everyone hydrated with tasty beverages like Watermelon Mint Lemonade or Cantaloupe Strawberry Agua Fresca .

Want something stronger than water but not too strong? Try a refreshing Mint Lemonade or Frozen Strawberry Margarita What do you serve at a backyard BBQ?

Related image How Can I Make My Backyard BBQ fun?

How Can I Make My Backyard BBQ fun

Are you looking for a fun way to enjoy your backyard BBQ? Is it hard to find something that will keep the whole family entertained and interested in what is going on outside? Here are some ideas that might help you have a better time.

-Hire an entertainer who can play music, juggle, or do magic tricks.

-Light up your yard with fun lights. Hang them from trees or wrap them around the grill so they look like fireflies.

-Add games to your lawn such as bean bag toss, badminton, horseshoes, croquet, tetherball etc…

Related image Where should you not put your grill?

Are you a backyard owner with an uncontrollable urge to grill? Well, we’re here to help. Avoid putting your grill near any of the following: plants, fence posts, fire hydrants and gas meters.

We know that it is hard not to put your grill where ever you want but these are some of the most common mistakes people make when grilling. The next time you want to cook up some burgers or steaks on your outdoor grill, take a look around and see if there’s anything nearby that might catch fire! Good luck out there!

Related image How far away from the house should a BBQ be?

Depending on your preference, a BBQ can be located anywhere from 10-100 feet away from the house. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when determining this distance.

For example, if you plan to cook your food for more than an hour then it’s best to have the grill at least 30-40 feet away from the house due to all of those pesky smoke particles and odor that will inevitably travel with them. If you’re only going to cook for 15-30 minutes then 20 feet should suffice.

Finally, make sure there is enough room around the grill so no one gets burnt or injured by any hot surfaces!

Related image What do you put under a BBQ grill?

Do you know what the best thing to put under a BBQ Grill is? A concrete slab!  How do I know this?  I have been told that it keeps the grill from sinking into the ground and makes it less susceptible to rust.  But before you go out and buy one, does your yard have enough room for a concrete slab of that size?

If not, then don’t worry because there are other options.  In my own backyard, I use bricks with mortar in between them. But if you want something more low-key, simply using sand will suffice.

Another great option is the Charcoal Companion Single Grill Mat.

Related image Can you put a gas fire pit under a covered porch?

Backyards are great for entertaining, but what about when the weather is bad? Some people like to have a fire pit in their backyard.

However many backyards don’t have enough room for one, and you can’t put them under covered porches. If your porch has an overhang that’s at least 12 inches deep, then you should be able to place your gas fire pit underneath it.

To do so safely, there are some things you need to know about how much clearance is needed between the underside of the overhang and the bottom of the gas firepit so that no combustible materials touch any part of it. You also need to make sure there’s a way for air from inside or outside the porch to get.


Related image Is it safe to have a fire pit under a gazebo?

Is it safe to have a fire pit under a gazebo

The answer is no. Fire pits are not designed for installation near combustible materials, such as wood or brick structures. Gazebos are typically constructed with wooden posts and beams which can be highly flammable in the presence of an open flame.

If you’re looking for great outdoor space ideas, consider installing a pergola instead of opting for a gazebo – they offer similar features but without the safety risks that come with too close proximity to your fire pit.

Related image What do you put under a fire pit under a patio?

What do you put under a fire pit to keep the patio clean and neat? A lot of people may not know this, but you can use crushed brick as an alternative to pea gravel. Crushed brick is inexpensive and easy to find at your local home improvement store.

It also looks great around the fire pit! If you’re looking for something more decorative or colorful, look into buying some cobblestone. Cobblestone is another good option because it has a little bit more texture than crushed brick does which makes it feel like a real stone pathway when walking on it with bare feet in the summertime!

Overall, there are many different materials that will work well under your fire pit; we hope we helped narrow down your search by.

Related image Can you put a tent over a fire pit?Can you put a tent over a fire pit

Have you ever wanted to have a backyard get together but your fire pit is in the way? Well, here are some tips on how to put up a tent over it.

First thing’s first, you need to know how big of an area needs covered by the canopy. This depends on the size of your fire pit and what will fit underneath it.

For example if your firepit is 4ft x 6ft then you need at least 12×12 ft for coverage which means that you would be able to use one 8×10 tarp or two 6×8 tarps for this project.


Anywhere you decide to put your BBQ in the backyard will have its pros and cons, so it’s important to know what those are before making a decision. One of the most common questions is where to place your grill in relation to other features like walkways or flowerbeds.

For example, placing your gas grill too close to an oak tree might not be such a good idea because there could be issues with heat melting sap on one side of the trunk while that same side remains dry on the other.

This can lead to bark cracking due to unequal moisture levels which can eventually cause problems for both parties involved (tree health and grilling). If this sounds like something you want more information about, we’ve got some great resources for

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