Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening | 4 Amazing Time Saving Tips To Grow Vegetables Fast

When everything else fails, gardening can sure bring some peace and purpose in your life. It is truly wonderful seeing the plants you planted grow and produce fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Furthermore, the gardens can make your house look way more appealing. Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening for beginners is not as complex as it sounds.

The soil around your house cannot always provide the best for the plants you plan to grow. Furthermore, you may not have the perfect spots for growing vegetables around your house. Luckily, now you have the option to make the perfect spot for your vegetable garden whether your house has the right soil for you or not.

How do you raise a bed? There are many such questions in your mind, right now. Let’s give you the answers even before you ask the questions.

How do you make a raised bed garden ? Let’s find out step by step….

Layout For Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Layout For Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

When you are about to make a raised bed garden, the first thing you have to do is determine how much of it you want and where you want it. How many sections do you want the garden to have? You do not just one bed in the garden- that will look odd.

Furthermore, where do you plan to place them? There are certain factors that play a role in this decision. For example, the water source and the sunlight the bed will receive from theirs. Your plants need sunlight and water to grow and you will not always be happy with carrying pots to water them.

So, choose the place and layout wisely. Also, you do not want the beds too close to one another. If you make the bed too wide then you will have to step in it when caring for it. Therefore, make sure that the bed does not exceed four feet in width.

Apart from that, if you have to put your raised bed gardens on a slope, you better level the soil out before placing the beds on them.

1.Choose a Bed and Its Size

You have quite a few options in this case but you can go with what suits your budget and the looks of your house best. In fact, the best choice is actually cedarwood for raised bed vegetable gardening but it is quite expensive as the material for the bed. Other than that, you will also find recycled plastic, composite wood, and galvanized steel as the material of the bed. Raised bed garden concrete blocks are also something you can explore.

You can make your own bed with wood if you can and want to. In this case, you will find numerous raised bed garden kits available at various gardening stores and also Amazon. However, when choosing materials, stay away from ones that could cause harm. For example, chromated copper arsenate in the pressure treated wood can be a horrible material to have near your vegetable plants.

Now that you know the material of the bed, you have to select a size. As you already know, you do not want a too-wide bed, the parts of which you cannot reach without stepping in. Otherwise, the length and width depending on the area around your house.

The depth, however, is a different case. In fact, the more deep the bed is, the more soil you will have to pour in. The roots of the plants will get more space to grow. It is better to have a deeper bed if you are planting underground vegetables like potatoes.

In fact, you should always go with a depth of 10-12 inches. Furthermore, you should shovel the soil with a garden fork up to 6-10 inches before placing the bed on it. This will make the plants think that it has more space to grow because the ground feels softer. Makes sense, right?

2.Raised Bed Garden Soil

Raised Bed Garden Soil

One of the greatest benefits that raised bed gardens offer you is that you can select your own soil. If the natural soil around your house does not suit the kind of vegetables you want to plant, you can easily use such soil in your raised bed that can help you grow exactly the kind of vegetable you want.

In fact, it is best not to use just the soil but with it, you should include some compost or organic substances. This will assure that your plants get the nutrition they need to grow. Potting soil is not really the best alternative for raised bed garden soil mixture.

However, you can include a small amount of potting soil with the mixture. In fact, you can follow the 60% topsoil, 30% compost, and 10% potting soil rule when you put in the soil.


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3.Raised Garden Bed With Fence

You may want a raised garden bed with a fence. In this case, you actually have to build one. Luckily, it’s easy. You just need a few pieces of wood for the frame, some screws and nails, and the net. Your raised bed vegetable gardening does not stop at gardening but it also considers protecting the plants.

The first thing you have to do is build the frame. While doing so, you will have to measure the dimensions very accurately and make a layout of the fence beforehand. When you are done with the base (the hardest part), all you have to do is attach the net around it.

4.How you plant the plants?

As you already know, the raised bed gardens can be a bit small in size. If you are building the raised bed gardens for seniors, space may even be smaller for them to reach all parts of the garden easily. In this case, you cannot just put all kinds of plants together, as close to them as possible. After all, raised bed vegetable gardening will only be aesthetically pleasing if the plants are in good shape with their own space.

This won’t give you a variety of outputs but it will take away the minimum output you expected as well. You have to give the plants the space to breathe. Furthermore, if you do plan to plant different species side by side, make sure they are compatible.

If one plant takes certain nutritions, the other should use the others that the soil provides. This way, you have to arrange the plants very cleverly. You should also consider the nature of the plant- whether it may need support when growing or not and provide it accordingly.

In conclusion

It just feels great to care about something, doesn’t it? A raised bed garden is the best way to channels or your caring energy to a good place. Furthermore, you get great results from the plants themselves.

So, think and plan carefully and then work hard accordingly- you will get the best results when you are consistent in taking care of your plants. Raised bed vegetable gardening can be a good aesthetic escape from the ever-moving world.

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