Pull Behind Aerator | Does it really work (Effectiveness & Features)

An aerating is the method of making holes in the lawn soil that allows fundamental elements to have a remarkable growth for the grass that can be reached at the grassroots. Thus, there is no way to argue about its significance. The Pull behind aerator makes the process more convenient for the soil to consume certain survival elements.

But there is always a dilemma in people’s minds, whether this device is worth enough to work with.

I do have a large yard with compacted mud soil, and if you do so as well, then often aerating is an obvious thing without making body muscles sore. When you try to shift a core aerator around a comparatively more extensive ground, it will make you tired quickly. Eventually, rental charges will smash you hard in the end.

That is why I am comfortable with pull-behind aerators that connected to a mower and experienced adequate knowledge of this machine.

While going through this article, you can have a general idea about its effectiveness and features. I will uncover nearly everything regarding this, but before that, let me commence with the most entreated question:

How Pull Behind Aerators Work?

It is a real doubt that does it do the job precisely. If you know how it works, you will presumably get the gist ideation of its effectiveness.

What a pull behind aerators does is, it reduces the compaction of the soil. Many of the homeowners have large yards, and they tend to use gas lawn aerators. Which comes with quite a few unsettled options.

Instead, a pull behind aerator can penetrate into the ground and utterly can make holes that allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the bottom of the grass. Just get the Pull behind aerator attached with a lawnmower and start weighing down as it is imperative to give the soil enough nourishments.

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Advantages of Core Aeration

Advantages of Core Aeration

There are countless numbers of benefits of core aeration, which will unendingly improve the quality of the soil. Because of the heavy compaction of land, most of the time, enough nutrients components can’t reach the grassroots. Here comes the core aeration. Let me tell you some of the benefits that I had to get while doing it.

  • Compacted soil limits the fertilizer to get into the roots of the grass. Which leads to dead spots on the ground. By relieving compaction, core aeration prevents it from happening.
  • The pH level of the soil considered one of the most crucial aspects to look at. By frequently doing core aeration, the ground’s pH level can remain in the expected zone; thus, it can be retrieved if the compaction is dense.
  • Overall, the health of the soil and grass will enhance gradually. Additionally, many lawns have water runoff problems in the rainy season. The situation won’t be the same as before because of core aeration.

Difference between other tools:

Spikes Vs. Plug Spoons for Lawn Aeration

Spikes Vs. Plug Spoons for Lawn Aeration

Two mainstream lawn aerators do the duty for aerating the soil. These are spikes and a plug aerator. Spikes aerator is a machine that pokes the land and makes a hole into it with a steel or tine fork. On the other hand, plug aerators remove the plug of dirt and grass.

While maintaining the lawn on your own, that is the thing you should want. Plug aerator is also recognizable as Core Aerator. In my opinion, go for plug aerator rather than spikes aerator.

Because, spiked one poke holes which is less efficient moreover, it causes additional compaction around the holes. You can rent these tools from the related garden storehouses or find them in home improvement centers.

Pull Behind Vs. Rental Aerators

To be honest, core aerators are actually far better than the Pull behind aerators. Clearly, because this one is specifically designed to do that particular job. Lawn aerator rentals are dedicated to aerating any sort of ground that people own.

But the trouble is if you are in the budget, this rental service might be the pain point for you. The scariest issue is if the machine got damaged somehow in your possession period, then there is no way out from paying a fortune for the repair.

This is why I will strongly suggest that you, regardless of being the best tool of the aerating business, do not use it. Despite that, go for Pull behind aerators. Buy one within your budget and keep aerating as much as you need. Notwithstanding, rental aerators are available in the rental garden stores.

Tow Behind Aerator

Tow Behind Aerator

Tow behind spike aerator can make your aerating job more manageable. The other name of the Tow behind aerator is Pull behind aerator. You might still be wondering, does this tool even works in practical life.

Here I am going to share my personal learning about this process. The soil of my lawn is quite dense, which makes it harder for turfgrass to grow appropriately. I tried lawn aerator shoes with spikes that claim by only walking on the ground I can aerate.

That was an absolute dumb step for me as my lawn soil is densely compact. I never thought of gas-powered aerator as those are costly. It will significantly increase my lawn aeration cost.

I had considered rental aerator once as well, but due to the expensiveness, I finally decided to buy a Tow behind spreader. Now that tool has proved to me that I was right, while I was buying it. Nevertheless, push lawn aerators are also cost-effective.

Must Have Accessories

Lawn Aerator Shoes

Are the lawn aerator shoes practical? This is one of the typical questions I found on the internet a while ago.

On a serious note, this won’t work at all, as these shoes with spikes cover a very tiny area. Aerator shoes are kind of sandals that can be strapped underneath your existing shoes.

If your ground is as smallest as it gets, then it might be helpful for you, yet the process of aerating will be a lot harder than you think.

So, in comparison to a pull behind aerator, any kind of aerator shoes is not worthy of purchasing. However, DIY lawn aerator can save you some good bucks. Hence, you can give away the lawn aerator for sale.

Some best lawn aerator shoes for your ref:





Now lets me discuss some question underneath that is frequently asked.


  1. How Often Should You Aerate A Lawn?
  2. What Is the Best Pull Behind Aerator?
  3. Why Is Weighing Down A Pull Behind Aerator Important?

How Often Should You Aerate A Lawn?

On many occasions’ lawns need aeration. But the answer to this question will vary regarding the type of your soil. If the soil is compacted as hard rocks, like really tough, then penetrations by aerating are harsh though sufficient water and other nutrients are necessary to ensure the proper growth.

And the process should be repeating at least twice in a year. In the absolute opposite scenario, you can aerator your lawn once every three years. Experts don’t recommend aerating that often, and neither do I.

However, if you think that aerating is required by gazing on the ground, then go for it.

What Is the Best Pull Behind Aerator?

There are plenty of aerator models to choose from in the market. Nevertheless, I am going to share some of the best Pull behind aerator models according to their effectiveness.

  • Agri-Fab 45-0543 SmartLink Plug Aerator (32 Inches)

This model is favorite among many people because of its striking features. The knives are rustproof and look astonishing with the design. Agri-fab 45 is undoubtedly a durable model of the aerator. Agri-fab 32-in plug lawn aerator is also the best lawn aerator.




  • Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator (40 Inches)

Brinly PA-40 has a weight tray that can contain extra weight up to 150Lbs. Highly effective design because the parts of the boast can rotate independently. On compact soil, this feature makes it even more useful.

Otherwise, the Kubota aerator spreader is also a good option.





  • CRAFTSMAN CMXGZBF7124213 40 Tow Spike Aerator (40 Inches)

The Strongway aerator 24 galvanized steel spikes that last longer and let you work even during the rainy months.Its steel spikes get deep into the ground.Those can dig almost 3 inches deep to let water, nutrients, and seeds get to the surface. It can take the weight of 140lbs.This CRAFTSMAN aerates up to 40 inches at a go. , this model is also incredibly balanced and serves to extended durability. You can change the Pull behind dethatcher any time you want.




  • Strongway Tow-Behind Plug Aerator (48 in)

The Strongway aerator has 32 aeration spoons. Those can dig almost 3 inches into the ground. Because of the vast area of 48 inches, it can take the weight of 140lbs. Hence, this model is also incredibly balanced and serves to extended durability. You can change the Pull behind dethatcher any time you want.

Why Is Weighing Down A Pull Behind Aerator Important?

With the overall view of this article, I can assure you that aerating the soil is as important as watering, fertilizing, and any other part and parcel aspects of the lawn. By soil penetration, all the quintessential elements can be provided with due limits.


So, what else can be more significant rather than aerating at the perfect time?

While wrapping up this segment, I can undoubtedly conclude with the fact that the Pull behind aerator does really work in real life effectively.


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