Kobalt 80v Mower Reviews | 21 Inch Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

People who are looking for the perfect mower to buy need not look any further than Kobalt. Yes,Hey you, stick around I’ve got you covered in this kobalt 80v mower reviews. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to use and cuts the grass in half the time it would take with a gas-powered mower.

The blades are designed to cut through even the toughest of grasses-no more clumps left behind!

This company has been around since 1923 and is one of the oldest companies in America.

The reason that they have lasted so long is because they make great products with a focus on quality workmanship and customer service, two things that people care about. It’s also very easy to use! If you’re interested in finding out more about what this product can do for you, keep reading!

This kobalt mower, for instance, has a side discharge and comes with a warranty of two years.This rugged lineup of 80V Max tools delivers a high voltage.

You will get longer run times with no gradual drop in power,  because Kobalt equipment is designed to make your job easier, all its batteries can be quickly swapped to keep you rolling – and blowing and cutting and trimming. The kobalt 80v mower gives the optimum performance at every angle; that’s why it offers tough attachments for each type.

Kobalt 80v Mower Reviews | How To Use It?dreamscapesgardening


Well, Kobalt 80v mower using is very much easy.  All you need to do is charge the Kobalt 80v mower, and put it in a location near an outlet. You can also use Kobalt high capacity lithium ion battery if needed.

Once charged, fold out the handle on your Kobalt lawnmower for easier storage or transport. Then just plug in the cord at one end of the Kobalt 80v mower and insert its opposite end into any standard 120-volt wall socket.

And then turn on your new Kobalt lawnmower by pressing “On/Off” button located above the power switch on top left side of control panel . If there’s no power available from that normal house current source like electric dryer etc.,

If there’s no power available from that normal house current source like electric dryer etc., Kobalt lawnmower comes with a Kobalt battery and charger.

Very Simple-you will need to adjust the wheel height. This gives you up to 7 inches at the heist setting. So just Adjust it base on how you want to cut your grass. on your lawn’s height.

Adjusting the wheels before you start cutting is a smart thing to do. This way, you will get the exact desired height and make your lawn look perfect!

There are 2 wheel adjustments on this mower: one for each side of the blade so that it always remains at an equal level when in use.

Once adjusted, just pull up with ease- there’s no need to wrestle around or push down hard because of its spring mechanism design! You can also adjust how much grass clippings go into either mulching (little chute) or bagging mode by putting a guard overtop depending upon what type of cut you want.

woodsawtoolKobalt 80v Mower Reviews : Specification At A Glance-

Cutting Width

21 Inches

Brushless Motor


Adjustment Type


Assembled Weight

76 lbs.

Battery Amp Hours

2.0 Ah.

Charge Time

1.5 hours.

Start Type

Push button start

Cut Through

30 -36" tall grass


The Mower (5 yrs), Battery (3 yrs)

woodsawtoolOverview Of FeaturesKobalt 80v Mower Reviews

The Kobalt self-propelled lawnmower is equipped with a powerful 80V Kawasaki engine and has an unmatched cutting ability.

It features “Smart Cut” technology, which will provide you the best cut of your life! The Kobalt mower also offers a lightweight design that makes it easy to transport around your yard.

The Kobalt mulching plug is designed to fit your Kobalt push lawnmowers, and it has a lifetime warranty.

That means you can start the Kobalt 80v mower  without having to bend down or touch any cables at all! There are so many other great features on Kobelt MAX DoubleCut Homeowner Mower worth mentioning too.

Firstly, the machine starts easily using a push-button electric starter.

Secondly, it is fitted with a 12 amp hour kobalt battery that gives you lots of power for the toughest lawns.

Thirdly, there are two blades on this machine which cut both wet and dry grasses so your lawn will always be looking its best.

Fourthly, there are two blades that are mounted on the kobalt 80v mower to provide a clean cut.

Fifthly, kobalt lawnmowers come with what is called “Cordless Power” that means no more cords attached and you can work all day long without worrying about running out of power!

Sixthly, kobalt 80v mowers comes in four different colors too so there’s one for every personality type or color preference; plus they have 60-inch wide cutting deck and a telescopic handle !!!

Seventhly , kobalt 80v mowers come with a kobalt 12-year limited warranty too.

Finally, Kobalt 80v mower reviews has an integrated brushless motor which means you get all of the benefits of cordless without any cords attached – what’s not to love!



woodsawtoolWho is for kobalt 80v mower?Kobalt 80v Mower Reviews

With many advantages over other brands, this Kobalt self-propelled lawnmower review recommends the product for those who are looking for quality results on their most difficult lawns without having to compromise anything. When you buy one today, you’ll save money in gas because this kobalt mulching kit comes ready assembled with everything but gas needed!

This kit included 2 batteries and a Quick Charger – that allow you to charge on 1 battery while you cut with the other and offering a quick, endless cut and no downtime! Perfect for yards up to 1 acre.

This Brushless motor maximizes run time and makes longer motor life

The brushless motor of the Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower offers you a quiet experience.

This kobalt mulching kit includes a metal blade that can cut through tough grass and sharp blades to allow for easy mulching. The kobalt 80v mower reviews question is, would I recommend this machine? The answer is yes! It’s high-quality and durable with an affordable price tag.

Personally, I think it offers the best of all worlds – quality performance on even the toughest lawns without compromising anything!

woodsawtoolBattery compartment: The battery compartment is one of the most important parts on a push lawnmower because without power there would be no moving blades! Now don’t worry; installation couldn’t get easier than this .

You lift and hold up just like before then align with mowers battery port (not too hard right?) Then close door again as soon as everything snaps together securely using button

Remove it, pls Release the bail lever to stop the mower. After then open the battery door and raise both of your thumbs in a victory position because you just completed this task!

Finally release the button on top and take out that nasty old battery for once-and-for all time. On this Kobalt 80 volt battery (which by now should be pretty familiar), there are three indicator lights:

Green is good

Yellow means caution needs attention

Red signals danger

So if its shows red- do not touch or attempt to use again until its fully charged up what could’ve been an accident waiting to happen before but no longer thanks to our troubleshooting skills which we have developed from using other tools like lawnmowers so come join us as we show how easy removing.

Things We Like

  • charger is automatic and can charges the batteries in 30 minutes from 0 dead to fully charged
  • Finis cutting 30 -36″ tall grass as good as any gas mower
  • The mower itself is quiet
  • batteries charge up in about 1/2 hour and give about 1/2 hour of constant service
  • Excellent power under heavier loads.
  • It has a battery gauge (it shows the level of the capacity)
  • It has upright storage.
  • It is equipped with a soft starter.
  • It gives an autosensing technology.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Environment friendly.
  • It has a vertical storage feature.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Drawback is that you will nee to know how to release the self-propelled lever several inches before you want to revers, push forward the last couple inches, then pull backwards.
  • May face some struggles with folding/unfolding the handle.
  • The spring-loaded round pins are unfriendly for engaging and disengage.

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dreamscapesgardeningFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

woodsawtoolWhy Cordless Lawn Mowers?

Cordless lawn mowers are gaining popularity these days, because they are not only easier to use and more convenient but also better for the environment! Cordless lawn mowers offer benefits such as reduced noise pollution because there is no engine running.

This means that you can take your cordless lawnmower anywhere without worrying about any type of exhaust emissions or fumes.

In addition, most cordless lawnmowers have a battery life of up to an hour which makes them perfect for small gardens and yards. It’s easy to charge your battery back up by plugging it in overnight, so you won’t be left stranded with a dead battery halfway through your task.

They also eliminate the hassle of finding a place to store gasoline and oil when you’re done with your project.

woodsawtoolWhat’s better Kobalt or Ryobi?

Which lawn mower is better Kobalt or Ryobi?  The answer to that question depends on what you want in a lawnmower. If you are looking for power, comfort and excellent gas mileage then the Kobalt might be your best option. However, if you need more storage space, higher quality parts and an easier push-button start system then the Ryobi may be your choice.

One of these two brands will surely meet all of your needs!

woodsawtoolHow long does Kobalt 80v last?

There are many things that go into the decision of which lawn mower to purchase for your yard. One thing is battery life, another is blade size and durability, but one of the most important considerations is how long a charge lasts.

Kobalt offers 80v batteries with their line of electric lawnmowers that give you up to 45 minutes on a single charge!

That means no more trips back to the charger or dragging an extension cord out just so you can finish your yard work. For those who have larger yards or need more time between charges, this new technology will change everything about how they do their yard work!

woodsawtoolWhy are Kobalt batteries so cheap?

Kobalt batteries are so cheap because they are not marketed to the public and only sold in bulk. They offer a variety of sizes and capacities, making them ideal for businesses that need large quantities of power all day long.

These batteries can be placed on racks or shelves for easy handling, and have a shelf life of over 10 years – which is much longer than other types of batteries.

woodsawtoolWhich 80V mower is more durable, Kobalt or Greenworks?

A Kobalt and a Greenworks charger are both of great quality, but the Greenworks chargers have four different sizes. This is not too significant unless you plan on using your mower with 4Ah or 5Ah batteries: either way, they will be fully charged in 30 minutes!

Both can easily maneuver to and from storage; however the blades for each company’s model differ slightly. The Kobalt has steel decks while the Greenwork deck is made out of plastic composite material which may make it less durable.

Kobalt’s mowers have a steel deck and look very durable. Customers gave the Kobalt both thumbs up for durability of their blades, which last as long as your grass is consistent. The 5-year warranty on the blade means that you’ll be able to use this lawnmower for years to come!

Greenworks has 4 year warranties on its mowers but only offers 1 year warranty coverage in batteries so if you’re looking at one or two seasons out of it then Greenworks may not be right choice compared with Kobalt which also comes with 3 yr battery life.

woodsawtoolWhich mower will be easier to use in tall grass?

It can be difficult to mow your lawn when it’s tall and the grass is thick. Some people prefer to cut higher, but this means you need a taller mower. Others may choose one that cuts lower, but then they have to get on their hands and knees in order to push it across the ground. So what’s better for tall grass?

Final Verdict

The Lawn-Boy Self Propelled mower is a great option for the homeowner who wants to save money on gas and maintenance, but still have a mowing experience that feels just like using one of those expensive gasoline powered products.

If you are looking to get your lawn cut without having to spend hours in front of it with an old fashioned push model or don’t want the hassle of starting up an engine every time you need power, this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s also perfect if you live somewhere where there isn’t access to natural gas or electricity due to remoteness – this product can run off batteries so no matter where your home is located, cutting grass will never feel like such a chore again!

Users love Kobalt lawn equipment because they won’t break down easily like other brands do – so you just buy one today.

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       Kobalt 80V Self Propelled Mower


  • Adjustment Type: Single-point
  • Assembled Weight: 76 lbs
  • Brushless Motor : Yes
  • Charge Time: 1.5 hours
  • Height Adjustment: 7-position
  • Handle Adjustment: 3-position
  • Cut Width: 20.5″
  • Cut Range: 1/2 to 1 acre
  • Battery Amp Hours: 6.0 Ah
  • Discharge Location: Rear and side
  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive
  • Front/Rear Wheel Size: 8″/10″
  • Cut Range: 1.38″-3.75″
  • Mulching: Yes
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

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