How to Mow a Lawn | Apply These 6 Tricks As A Master The Gardening

Mowing lawn perfectly is one of the most important practices to keep your lawn healthy. How to mow a lawn? People think mowing a lawn is an easy task. It is easy only if you know the rules of mowing. There are different factors you need to maintain and avoid for mowing.

Grasses and other similar plants — if you clip off the growing points, the plants branch out and become denser. If you didn’t mow the grass, your yard would look more like a disaster like a storm has just stopped.

So mowing is what makes a lawn look good.  But grass height and mowing frequency determine how healthy and attractive your lawn looks. Here will discuss in-depth about this, how to mow a lawn ?

Properly mowing is not enough to maintain a healthy lawn, so here discuss some lawn maintenance tips too. You will learn about different mowing patterns other lawn related questions.

So further any more discussion, let’s dive into the main topic-How To Mow a Lawn?


Lawn Mowing PatternsLawn Mowing Patterns

Before you start mowing, you need to learn patterns. Lawn mowing patterns helps to cut easily and save time. It also makes the grass healthier.

Mower tires cause wear and tear damages to the grass. Changing the pattern you can minimize this damage. There are different types of lawn mowing patterns. Here I will show you 4 best lawn mowing patterns.

  1. Stripes

This is the easiest lawn mowing pattern. Just create an imaginary line in your mind and start mowing according to it. Always avoid sharp turns and use slow Y-turns.

  1. Diamonds

It is a bit complicated pattern than stripes. However, the main task is like the stripe pattern.

First off, mow the first diagonal stripe at the center of the lawn and mow another stripe next to it. Now go to the edges of the lawn and cut the second stripe. You have to create one light stripe with two dark stripes.

Mow the crossing stripes in the reverse direction. Continue this process to the whole ground. (1 stripe then 2 stripes back)

  1. Wave

It is another easy pattern. First, mow a stripe on a smooth curving pattern. Crucially turns stable and create a wave. Following the first wave, complete the rest of the lawn.

  1. Circle

The circle pattern is best for mowing around any lawn ornaments. Start from the center of the lawn and mow in a circle. Go to the opposite side and mow in the circle. Create an imaginary sight in your mind complete the rest of the lawn according to this process.

Without these patterns, there are some other patterns such as checkboard pattern, crisscross diagonal pattern, etc.


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Grass Cutting Height Chart

Before learning how to mow a lawn, have a look at the grass cutting height chart below.

Grass Type   Height
Bahia Grass      2-3 inch
Bent Grass  ¼ – ¾ inch
Bermuda   ½ – 1 ½ inch
Buffalograss  2-3 inch
St. Augustine  2-4 inch
Tall Fescue  2-3 inch
Zoysia ½ – 1 ½ inch
Centipede  1 ½ – 2 ½ inch
Ryegrass   1 ½ – 2 ½ inch

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Lawn Mower Height Settings

A healthy lawn depends on different factors. Mower height is one of them. Most of the people are confused about lawn mower height settings.

Well, the mowing height should be in a range of 1.2″ – 3.5″. Now the exact height depends on the length and season. Sometimes the lawn mixes up with different types of grasses with different lengths. In that case, you have to maintain it. I have already shown a grass cutting height chart. Reading the chart you will get idea.

1/3 Rules

This is the universal rule for mowing. Never mow over one-third of the grass height in a single mowing. Obey this rule until the grass gets to an optimal range.


How to Mow a Lawn Professionally?How to mow a lawn

Almost 95% of homeowners can’t mow their lawn perfectly. Sometimes, the professionals mess up with it. I am here with 6 easy steps to mow a lawn like a pro. So, keep reading and learn how to cut a lawn professionally.

  1. Choose a Quality Mower

You will never be able to cut your lawn properly if you choose a crappy mower. So before starting, choose a good mower. It will help to cut faster and maintenance will be easy.

  1. Use Shape Blades

Most of the people don’t take this issue seriously. But sharp blades are essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. Before mowing, check out the blade. Never use dull blades.

You can use a bench grinder or metal file to sharpen the blade.

  1. Maintain the One-Third Rule

I have already explained about one-third rule. Now I am giving an example. Suppose, you want to keep the grass height level 2 inch. First, let it grow up to 3 inches and cut 1 inch. Never mow more than one-third off.

  1. Change the Cutting Patterns

It’s necessary to change the cutting patterns. If you always use the same pattern, you will notice ugly dead spots in different places. It is caused by the mower tires. To avoid this problem, you have to change the cutting patterns.

It will allow more airflow and reduce the wear and tear damage. As a result, the grass will remain healthy.

  1. Leave the Clipping on the Lawn

Most individuals feel disgusted to clean up the grass clippings. I am saying, don’t clean it. Grass clippings are good for the lawn’s root system. It also makes the grass fertile.

Are you worried about a mess looking lawn due to grass clippings? Worry not, use mulching blades to chop up the clippings. It will disappear soon and your lawn will look more attractive.

  1. Don’t Mow Wet Grass

It is the most consequent and common mistake. No one should mow the wet grass. It causes harm to your lawn. There is a possibility that your mower may hug the lawn due to heavy wet grass.

It can also be a reason of unexpected lawn fungal diseases. Moisture is also harmful to fuel tanks, engines, and metal parts. So, don’t apply this bad idea on your lawn.


Mowing Dewy GrassMowing Dewy Grass

it is always better to wait for mowing until the grass dry-up. But, when the rainy season starts and keeps raining for weeks, you need to cut the dewy grass.

You will face the worst mowing experience while cutting wet grass. Here I am showing tips that must help you in mowing dewy grass.

  • Sharpen the blades: The first this is you need sharp blades to cut wet grass. Check out the blade of the mower before starting.
  • Mow slowly: Don’t try to cut dewy grasses at normal speed. It will mess up. Cut it gently and slower than usual. Decrease the speed by nearly 50% while cutting. That means you need double time in mowing the dewy grasses.
  • Mow in both vertical and horizontal direction: Tall, dewy grasses tend to lie down on the lawn. It is more difficult to trim. To solve this problem you have mow in multiple directions. It will trim the grasses easily.
  • Use the side discharger: After mowing, you can use the side discharger to eliminate the wet mulching trimmed grasses. Don’t mow on any trimmed area. It will damage the surface and the blade will be messed up by wet removed grasses.

Lawn Maintenance Tips

Besides, learning how to mow a lawn, you need to know how to care a lawn. I am with some lawn maintenance tips.

  • Keep your lawn free from compacted grass.
  • Always clean the edges of the lawn. Don’t let the grass cross the border.
  • Don’t use weed killer into the lawn.
  • Use organic fertilizer to keep a healthy lawn.
  • Water the lawn if it is not raining for a long time.
  • Keep the lawn thatch and moss free.
  • Ensure safe drainage.
  • Try different patterns in mowing.

Best Time of Day to Mow Lawn in Hot Weather

Different people asked about the best time of mowing in the summer. In the summer, people generally mow 3 times a week. The right time mowing results in a better lawn.

The evening is the best time for mowing in the summer. Now you may have the question, “Why evening?”

In the evening the sun is almost down. In the evening, the morning dew almost disappears and the grass remains dry. Besides, after mowing they get a shed for 12+ hours and big healing time before the next sunrise.

Best Time to Cut Grass after Rain

We should avoid mowing wet grasses. But what can you do during the rainy season? Sometimes mowing is unavoidable. So, people asked for the best time to cut grass after rain?

You can declare it noticing the soil condition. Try to understand how much water the soil is holding. If it is spongy and soft that means the lawn is water-logged. Wait until the lawn rakes up its old firmness.

How Often Should I Mulch my Lawn?

It is a very common question. Actually, there is no particular time limit. I’m the cutting season you should mulch for 2 times per week.

During summer you should mulch for 3 times per week. Mulching also depends on the type of soil. If you see the grasses grow hugely the. You need to mulch more. Keep monitoring your lawn and use your sense.

How to Mow a Lawn Without a Mower?

There are different ways to mow a lawn with a mower. Here, I am showing some easy ways.

  1. Use scythe

If you know how to use a scythe then you can mow the lawn with it. Once you start swinging the scythe, it will be done quickly.

  1. Raise sheep or Goat

If you have sheep or goat in your house then you can use them as a good trimmer.

  1. Use hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmers are used for removing heavy hedges. But you can also use it as an alternative to the mower.

Final Verdict

The main purpose of the article is to discuss “How to mow a lawn?” I tried to explain as many topics as I can.

Read the patterns carefully. There I gave instruction to mow your lawn in different designs. Try to maintain the tips I discussed and avoid all the bad ideas about mowing.

Hopefully, you will learn how to mow a lawn properly after reading the article. Thank you.


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