How To Mow a Lawn With a Riding Mower | Complete Guide

Mowing a lawn arguably a simple task to learn, but this garden maintenance job needs adequate effort to be a master in it. This question is considerably common; how to mow a lawn with a riding mower, in terms of learning mowing from scratch.

Homeowners need to do lawn mowing often when the height of the grass exceeds the limit. Different types of grass exist, and these require prudish maintenance. The maintaining process starts with lawn mowing.

Proper mowing methods can help you to keep your ground clean. When you become a master of this process, you can create a mind-blowing patter on the ground by just giving the grass shape. Though to be a pro, you need to practice a lot.

However, before moving towards that direction, you need to find a way to mow a lawn with proper techniques . Without following the right procedure, you can ruin your opportunity to make the ground more attractive.

In this article, we are going to share the complete guide about lawn mowing. By following this guide step by step, you can acquire adequate knowledge of how to mow a lawn with a riding mower. 

 Steps of how to mow a lawn with a riding mower are as follows:

#Step one

Choosing the right mower

There are various types of mower available in the market. Such as Hover lawnmower, Cylinder lawnmower, and Rotary lawnmower. Interestingly, you can choose lawnmower according to your preferred power option, like Electric, Petrol, and Cordless.

It is undoubtedly a prominent challenge to find the convenient one for yourself and the lawn. In today’s era, Gas-powered mowers are more popular choices than others. Although manual reel mower is much more friendly with the environment and affordable as well.

Purchasing Electric lawnmower can make your mowing effortless for smaller lawns, yet it is expensive compared to other mowers. So, find the best-suited lawnmower for yourself by assessing the ground size and your budget. After that, just get into the business.


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#Step two

Select the time and check fuel level

Almost every homeowner choose time for mowing according to their convenience. Yeah, it is obvious. But you have to keep in mind if that is a suitable time for the grass or not. Suppose, you have spare time to mowing your lawn, but the grass is not reaching that height to be cut.

In this case, cutting would not be an appropriate decision. Before taking the initiative, checking the weather forecast is a must-do thing. You won’t expect to rain while you are mowing, right? Inspect the fuel level is also imperative.

Otherwise, in the midway of mowing, the lawnmower will stop working. For sure, this scenario won’t be pleasing for you.

#Step three

Sharpen mowers blades and set mowing height

If the blades are not sharp enough, it cannot cut the grass cleanly; instead, blades may damage the grassroots. It can spoil the appearance of the ground. Inspect whether the edges are sharp enough.

If it’s not, you can do it on your own by using some mechanical tools. Now, what about the mowing height? In this case, the ideal mowing size differs based on various factors. But experts recommend keeping the height within 2 to 3 inches.

Though we are halfway through the post. Right after finishing it, you will get the essence of how to mow a lawn with a riding mower.


#Step four

Mow around the ground focusing on creating a shape 

If you have a square-shaped lawn, you must admit you are lucky as it is much easier to mow a square or rectangular shaped lawn. Because mowing a circular garden is difficult to mow. Going circularly with a mower might make you feel dizzy.

You have to take frequent breaks while mowing to find out the progress. In a square or rectangular lawn, start from the outside portion. Create straight lines and make your remaining area into several rectangular shapes or into one for convenient mowing.

#Step five

Follow a straight line back and forth

Start mowing from one side and go along with it, making a direct line. When you finish the track, turn your mower to create another line and come back to the other side of the ground. Mowing back and forth end to end is a simple method to finish the work accurately.

Resume the process until you satisfy with the result. If the ground has any obstacle like trees or fences, try to mow around them first. It will make the process effortless. But keep in mind that, don’t mow up and down if it is sloped ground.

Try to make straight lines with the mower that are perpendicular to the slope.


#Step six

Try to avoid cutting wet or damaged grass

How To Mow a Lawn With a Riding Mower

If the grass is wet or damaged somehow, then try to avoid cutting for a specified period. Because when the grass is waterlogged, cutting won’t provide the expected result. If the ground has damage grass, then give some time to recover it.

Unless while mowing the grass, the blade would not reach the expected depth. It will make the size of the lawn uneven, which will not look sound. Give it some time to recover from the damage. Here, the photosynthesis process will play its part.

Thus, try to avoid following the same pattern while mowing. All the time, doing it, in the same way, can limit the growing ability of grass.


#Step seven

Enjoy and Relax when the job is done

Last but not least, the final step is savoring the sweaty fruit of your hard work. Yes, when mowing is done, you will find sanity within you as keeping the clean and perfect shaped lawn is quite satisfying.

Try to mow at least twice in a week when it is peak growing season. In the spring, grass grows in a lighting fast speed. However, you can give a break between two cuts in the summer of two to three weeks.


Wrapping Up

Regular mowing is an indispensable part of gardening jobs, along with maintaining the lawnmower. Thus, you will always have a disease and pests free healthy lawn.


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  1. It is interesting that topdressing your lawn can make the lawn be flat
    and smooth. My wife and I were golfing a couple of weeks ago and we noticed how clean the grass was.
    Especially compared to our front lawn that has yellow spots.
    We may consider reaching out to a professional to mow and care for our
    lawn so we can have golf-course-like grass.


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