How to Fix Yellow Grass | These 6 Mistakes Quickly Fix By Doing Less

If you have a lawn and you are passionate about it, then it is obvious to spend some of your leisure time there. It can ruin your mood when you find yellow grass on the ground. Although this is quite a usual problem. If you are seeking for the solution of how to fix yellow grass, then you are on the right page.

Due to excessive sunlight or overwatering, it can happen during summer. If your lawn has been growing green grass, then sometimes it is obvious to face the predicament of watching the grass turning yellow.

There are plenty of reasons behind turning the grass from green to yellow. Here in this article, we will share what might be the reasons and how to fix yellow grass. To know more, read the post till the end.

1.Season change can be an issue

Whenever you face the problem, ascertaining the causes of it should be your next possible move. Because of the changing season, a prolonged period of heating from the sun can ruin the grass’s bright green color.


In this sort of situation, you cannot change the ambiance or redeem the temperature of the sun. What you can do is, cut the grass within a limit of one-third of the grass blade. Here we are sharing in the warm season what the height of green should be according to different grass types.

Grass type Height limit
Buffalo 2 to 4 inches
Centipede 1 to 2.5 inches
Zoysia 0.5 to 3 inches
Bermuda 2.5 to 4 inches
Kikuyu 1 to 2 inches

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2.Lack of nutrients

Soil contains necessary nutrient elements that make the grass seem decent greenish appearance. If there is lacking nutrients in the land, that can be the cause of yellow shade. Typically, in spring, grass turns yellow because of nitrogen deficiency.
Sometimes imbalance of proper pH level of the soil might be a point.

Solutions :

Nitrogen and iron are the core reasons which keep the grass green. So, applying iron or nitrogen supplements into the grass can revive the green color again.
If the pH level gets messed up, then use compost to mix with the soil. The fertilizer will help to restore the green color.

3.Over-watering your lawnHow to Fix Yellow Grass

Many of us love to watering the lawn because it is an enjoyable leisure activity. But excessive anything is not good. Because of extravagant watering, the roots of the grass cannot get enough oxygen. Moreover, some lawns have a weak drainage system.

For this reason, watering the lawn in a limit can also be proved damaging.

Solutions :

Over-watering has to be stopped if you want to get rid of the problem. Don’t water your ground daily when it supposed to rain. Infrequent watering is the best option, but you have to do it entirely.
Make a better drainage system for your lawn. This system will prevent waterlogging.

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4.Split petrol is a killer

The petrol lawnmower is a very mainstream option for shaping the grass. While using it, petrol splitting is a moderately common incident. But this fuel can ruin the light green color of the grass and turn it to dull yellow. As a result, split petrol kills the grass.


There are few alternatives available in the market To avoid this kind of occurrence. Use electric lawn mower or biodiesel driven lawnmower. These don’t have any issues with petrol anyway.
But if you do spill on the ground then consider cleaning the place as soon as possible. Water the area to dilute the petrol.

5.Urine of petsHow to Fix Yellow Grass

Pets are not always bound to hear what you say though they are loyal enough. Pets like cats and dogs often do pee on the ground. It will not be any problem if the nitrogen of the pee doesn’t let the grass to be discolored. Pets urine contains a significant amount of nitrogen that burns the grass.


Try to train your pet to pee in certain places. Somewhere grass doesn’t grow. If there are no parts left in your ground, try to choose a place where the eyes of the people don’t follow often.

6.Few extra fixes that might help you

  • Your lawn mower blades have to be sharpened enough, so that grass of the ground doesn’t get ripped rather than clean cutting.
  • Enough sunlight is a blessing for grass. Make sure anything like a tree or any unwanted part of your house doesn’t block the sunlight.
  • Make sure any part of the lawn doesn’t get stepped on too often. For this, it will damage the color and the grass itself.

Final Thoughts

How to fix yellow grass? If you come this far from this post, then we are pretty sure you got your answer. Be alert about what is damaging your lawn grass and keep the necessary steps regarding this. And don’t hesitate to give us a buzz if you are having any other issues with your lawn.
It would be jovial to help you out.


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