Do New Lawn Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened?

The job of lawn mower blades is to cut the grass, save the grass tips from harm, ensure good turf health, and make the lawn surface appear even. but the question is, do new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened?

Getting all these amenities is not easy, and time, patience, and effort are required to maintain the lawn mower blades and receive the benefits.

Sharp blades increase the joy of mowing. We know that mower blades need sharpening, Since a brand-new lawn mower comes equipped with blades, it is natural to think like this.

To know the answer to this question, please read this write-up till the end. We hope that this article will crystal-clear the confusion regarding the sharpening of new lawn mower blades.

Why is it important to have sharp blades on your lawn mower?Do New Lawn Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened

Having sharp blades on your lawn mower is the most important to keep your grass healthy. Sharp blades not only deliver seamless trim but also drive away diseases and pests from the grass.

Additionally, they cut the grass faster, require less gas to run, and produce less engine drag.

In spring, grass grows fast and becomes bushy, and it needs to be cut in the shortest time possible. Only sharp blades can make it possible without straining the lawn mower much. Sharp blades make a difference if you closely look at the grass.

Dull blades tear grass, making the grass look smashed and leaving a jagged edge. As a result, the moisture of the grass evaporates through the torn edges. And grass dries quickly and turns brown after a few days of mowing. Finally, torn and brown grass invites diseases and pests to invade its body.

Therefore, never forget to sharpen cutting blades two or three times a season to ensure healthy turf. Also, make sure that the blades are not sharp beyond the limit (like razor-knife sharp) and remove too much of the leaf surface.


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Why are lawn mower blades like Blendtec blades?

Both Blendtec blades and lawn mower blades use two horsepower engines. And both types of blade spins at 200 miles per hour on average. Another similarity is, the edges of lawn mower blades and Blendtec blender blades seem dull when touched.

The truth is, they are not dull; they are sharp enough to cut grass tips and fruits and vegetables, but not the human fingers. If the cutting edges of mower blades and blender blades were super sharp, things would be terrible.

Super sharp mower blades are prone to damage from rocks and roots. Consequently, they would bend over within a very few minutes after the mowing had started. The same outcomes would be seen if the Blendtec blades were extra sharp. They would be damaged while spinning and chopping food ingredients.


Problems when you mow with dull blades

Dull blades cause intense damage to the grass. A mowing session with dull blades makes the grass look ragged, leaves brown or yellow spots on the grass, promotes weeds to grow, and hampers the health of the grass.

Moreover, dull blades pull up the entire grass plant instead of finely trimming the tips.


Do new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened?

New lawn mower blades don’t need to be sharpened before using, where the old blades need sharpening before the mowing season starts. When new blades reach your hands, they are already pre-sharpened.

Sometimes lawn mower manufacturers apply a thin coat of protective paint on the blades. But this paint will come off gradually. You can start mowing without sharpening the paint off. And sharpen the new blades after 25 hours of using time.


The importance of mowing regularly

Mowing ensures the good health of your lawn. Every time you mow the grass, it becomes healthier and more beautiful. Standard-cut, which trims ⅓ portion of the grass height, makes the grass thicker yet leaner.

Regular cutting prevents weeds from penetrating and makes the grass resistant to spots and wear.

How to sharpen your mower blade?

You can sharpen your mower blade with a bench grinder, a flat file, or a drill and blade sharpening stone. Before sharpening, you need to loosen the retaining bolt that holds the mower blade and remove the blade.

To do that, cautiously tip the mower so that the oil does not flow into the engine. Once you have removed the blade, start sharpening it by applying any of these methods.

  • Using a flat file – First, clamp your blade securely in a vice. Next, run the flat file to the blade’s edge in a perpendicular way by applying pressure. After completing sharpening one edge, reposition the blade to sharpen the other edge.
  • Using a bench grinder – Protect yourself first with eyewear, gloves, and earplugs. Switch on the bench grinder to start the wheel to spin. Hold the blade and grind an edge against the spinning wheel. Repeat the process to grind the other edge. This bench grinder is the best way to repair a heavily damaged blade riddled with gouges.
  • Using a blade sharpening drill bit – This tool works as a bench grinder but is less great than the bench grinder. Comparatively, it sharpens the edge faster than the hand file. Place a blade-sharpening stone to a drill or driver and use it to sharpen each edge of the blade. The plastic guide of the stone should be kept against the rear of the blade.

Once the job is done, put the blade on a blade balancer and see if the blade is perfectly sharpened. Sharpening can remove more metal from one edge than the other and make it unbalanced and wobble if the blade wobbles much; re-sharpen the heavier edge as necessary. Finally, reinstall the blade into its position and tighten the bolt with a wrench.


Related image Do new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened?

How often should brand new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened?

In new conditions, brand new lawn mowers don’t need to be sharpened much. It is important to sharpen after the first 25 hours of usage time and two or three times each season. However, proper maintenance can increase the sharpening time of any brand- new mower blades.

How frequently should mower blades be sharpened?

Mower blades can last up to 200 hours or longer if you sharpen them regularly, and they normally should be sharpened after every 25 hours of use time. In other words, sharpen the blades a maximum of thrice in each mowing season.

However, if you use the mower more often, you need to sharpen the blades more than thrice in a season. Keep in mind that the using period is related with the mower blades sharpening.

When should I restore my mower blade?

The best way to know when you should replace your mower blade is to observe the grass tip. Sharp blades cut grass evenly and deliver a smooth look to the lawn, and broken or bent blades fail to do so.

When you see uneven or shredded grass leaves with ugly spots, you will understand that it is time to replace the blades. You can inspect the blades visually to know if there are dents or not. Blades are used for domestic mowing should be replaced annually.

How tight should mower blades be?

Specifically, mower blades should be tightened in a way that is neither loose nor overtightened, and it means they won’t move around on their own and can be removed when needed. The torque value should be 30-foot pounds, or the recommended value mentioned in the mower manual.

Which way do mower blades tighten?

Mower blades should be tightened at the right or in a clockwise motion. However, the retaining bolt of the blade should be loosened to the left. Or it can rotate in a counterclockwise motion when removing the blade.

Can you sharpen a lawn mower blade without detaching it?

You can sharpen the blade without removing it, but it won’t be as effective as removing the blade to sharpen it. Yet, the process is simpler to follow.

First, make sure the blade stays still when grinding. Next, remove grass and debris from it thoroughly. Now use a hand grinder to sharpen the blade by maintaining a 45° angle. Also, make sure to empty the fuel tank before the procedure to prevent the loss of fuel.

Can you sharpen a mulching blade?

Compared to normal blades, the structure and maintenance of mulching blades are more difficult. The ideal sharpening time of this type of blade is the same as that of a normal blade.

Other mower blades have two cutting edges, but mulching blades have more than two cutting edges, requiring several types of files to sharpen them. So, the sharpening should be done cautiously.

Which side of the lawn mower blade is up?

First, recognize the blade’s edges. A lawn mower blade has two edges – the angled or sharp edge and the blunt or straight edge.

The sharp edge faces the ground and cuts grass, and the blunt edge faces the mower deck. You can check the sides when the blade is attached to the mower. The angled side with tapers will be the closest to grass, while the straight side is not.

To clarify which side is up, manufacturers put stickers or engrave words like “This side down” or “Cut grass” on the blade.

Another way is to know which side is up, check the position of the edges. Lawn mowers move the clock wisely, with the sharp edge at the right-hand side and the blunt side at the left.

Related image Tools for sharpening your mower blade

It would help if you had different tools and materials for the blade and yourself before you sharpen it.

For the blades –

  1. An angle grinder with a metal grinding blade for sharpening the blade,
  2. A socket or wrench to loosen and tighten the blade nut

III. A breaking bar and penetrating lubricant only if the wrench fails to loosen the nut,

  1. Two clamps for handling the blade,
  2. A block of wood to prevent the blade from turning away while loosening,
  3. A plastic bag to prevent the gas from leaking from the vent hole while tipping the mower.


For yourself –

  1. A pair of work gloves,
  2. A pair of safety glasses,

III. A face shield,

  1. A hearing protection,
  2. A long-sleeve shirt.


How to sharpen your lawn mower blade with the power tools?

If you wish to use a sharpening stone, you have to use the stone correctly to sharpen a mower blade.

  • After securely removing the blade from the mower deck, place it on a vice.
  • Keep the dull cutting edge facing the sky.
  • Take the sharpening stone drill and squeeze its trigger. The stone will start spinning at full speed.
  • Now slip the spinning sharpening stone over the dull cutting edge. The flat and plastic surface behind the stone should be against the edge.
  • Use moderate pressure to slowly move the stone horizontally back and forth along the edge.
  • After 4 or 5 strokes, stop and check whether the nicks and dents have been ground off or not. If the blade is not sharpened enough to shine, keep stroking it back and forth with the drill.
  • Once the edges are sharpened adequately, remove the blade from the vice. And use a brush to remove the dust from the blade.


It’s important to maintain brand new lawn mower blades properly

If the lawn mower blades are left without maintenance, they will affect the grass. Ignored blades of a brand-new lawn mower will make the mower useless junk after a short time of buying it.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain or sharpen the blades in the standard routine. With proper maintenance, you can use the blades for a longer time.

If you don’t know how to maintain them or are afraid of them, or they are broken or bent, order new blades and replace the old ones. The new ones will be pre-sharpened according to the manufacturer’s standard, which will lessen your worries.

End words:

After buying a lawn mower, a common question arises in people’s minds ‘do new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened? Without knowing much, they sharpen the new blades before using them and break them off. The purpose of writing this 2000-word article was to help them in this matter.

We have tried our best to amalgamate the necessary details of sharpening new blades, including the ideal sharpening time, sharpening process, etc. Always remember that the blades should be butter-knife sharp, not razor-knife sharp.

Though brand new blades come as pre-sharpened, they need care and maintenance after a certain period. You should constantly sharpen them to save your lawn and yourself from hassles.

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