Dethatcher Vs Aerator | What is Perfect for you?

You have a lawn to take care of and the state of it often affects your mood, doesn’t it? A clean lawn gives you a feeling that at least one thing in your life is going right. On the other hand, a lawn that just isn’t looking its best makes you feel lost and hopeless, doesn’t it?

Dethatcher Vs Aerator-the good thing is, you can find a way to fix both your lawn and life. While your life may take a while, your lawn won’t take as much time. Furthermore, a fixed lawn will give you the strength to fix the other things in your life as well.

The trouble we are going to talk about here is the thatch. Does the name sound very unfamiliar? You will learn all about it in about ten to five minutes. If you are confused about whether your lawn needs dethatching or aerating or any of these, you will be able to remove your confusion through this read. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Dethatcher Vs Aerator

What is thatch?

dethatcher and aerator

Dethatching has the word ‘thatch’ in it which means your lawn must have a thatch if you are in need of a thatch. Apparently, thatch is a layer that lies between the soil and the grass of your lawn and it is made of dead parts of stems of the grass and other plants themselves. Do you notice the eerie similarity between the grass and human skin? Both have dead skin or dead stems that can hamper the growth.

Well, a thin layer of thatch is not of much concern. Apparently, a thin layer is beneficial in the sense that it keeps the soil soft and humid. However, if the thatch crosses a certain thickness- it can get quite harmful for the grass and it will become evident.

A thick layer of thatch will restrict the flow of water, sunlight, and also nutrients in the soil. As a result, the roots will not get the nutrition and space they need. In order to grow, the grass will have to put in more effort than usual which will also ruin its appearance and health.

This is why people attend to thatches by dethatching every five years or so.

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How to know if there is a thatch?

There are two ways you can know if your lawn needs dethatching or not. Firstly, you can press your hand on the soil and see how it reacts- does it feel like a sponge or does it bounce. If your hand simply goes deeper without a bounce- the thatch is there and you may have to dethatch.

Another way to tell if there is a thatch is to see if the shoots of the grasses are having any difficulty growing. If it seems that they are not coming out easily then the thatch may be hampering their growth.

When does a lawn need aerating?

lawn aerator shoes

Sometimes the soil in your lawn gets a bit compact and tight. This mainly happens due to the pressure buildup over time. As a result, the roots and plants in the soil do not get enough water, or air for that matter.

In this case, ‘aeration’ is the process that looses the soil up so that the soil around can breathe. As a result, both the plant and the soil can get their fair share of water, nutrients, and space.


The Process of Dethatching and Aerating


Dethatching needs you to use a machine called a dethatcher. You can also dethatch with a more with a dethatching attachment. Furthermore, you can do it manually with a rake- but only if the thatch is small in area.

Dethatching is a process where the machine takes out the thatch layer completely. You have to do it when the greenworks dethachergrass is still growing or else it will be problematic for the grass to recover from such damage. Other than that, the time for dethatching depends on the place you live, the weather there, and also the type of grass you have.

You see, dethatching for its quite aggressive nature can cause damage if not used carefully and calculatingly. This is why many people do not let their lawns reach a stage where it needs dethatching.

Also, your lawn will look like a complete wreck for weeks after the dethatch and, it is completely normal. You are on the right path if it does.

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Contrary to dethatching, aeration is a milder approach. It does not take the whole layer of thatch out. But, what it does is loosen up the soil for it to breathe. As a result, air, water, light, and also the compost get mixed up in the soil and the grass grows out to be stronger and better.agri-fab 45-0365 16-inch push spike aerator

There are two ways you can aerate your lawn- core aerates or tine aerate. However, tine aerate can further make the soil more compact so core aerate is the type that most people choose. Core aeration will remove a few bits of soil so that the soil around can breathe.

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Which one should you choose?

Dethatcher Vs Aerator -If the thatch layer is very thick then dethatching is the way to go. But, if you do not want to damage your lawn in any way and the thatch has not grown too thick, aeration may be the best option. In fact, good aeration will also help the soil decompose the thatch layer with time.

If you aerate regularly then you may not even need to dethatch ever.

However, it also depends on the availability of dethatching and aerating experts around you. If a dethatcher expert is available with the machine and at a good cost then you may be able to trust him.

In conclusion

Dethatching has greater risks than aerating. At the end of the argument “Dethatcher Vs Aerator”, it comes down to the preference-what you want to do. If you are alright with dethatching along with the risk, you can. If you aerate, you will have to do it more often than dethatching but it will be with less risk.

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