Coconut Coir Vs Peat Moss | 5 Big Difference And Guideline To Choose

Sometimes it is quite hard to differentiate between Coconut Coir Vs Peat Moss  and choose what to use to enhance the growth of your garden. Whom do you ensure that coconut fiber for plants your planted will stay in the best possible condition?

You will have to do extensive research into what makes the soil better for the plants you planted.

While doing so, you will come across coconut coir and peat moss to choose from. Apparently, both of them do the same kind of things for your coco potting soil and garden. But, coconut fiber potting soil be a better choice for you than the other based on various factors.

In this peat moss vs coco coir fight, we discuss both sides of the two essential soil amendments.


What is Coconut Coir?

Coconut Coir Vs Peat Moss


You may be familiar with peat moss as it has been in the gardening world for quite a while but not with coconut coir because it’s relatively new. It is also known also coconut core or coco for plants. Coconut coir soil mix, just like peat moss, is a soil amendment material made from coconuts.

It has similar effects on the coconut soil like coconut peat moss. You can even get coco coir fertilizer or the best coco coir mix using coconut coir easily. All you need to know is how to use coconut coir in gardening and where to buy coconut coir.

Let’s know the coco peat benefits.

What is coir soil?

Coir is a dust. But where to grow? Confused about growing in coco vs soil? For every gardener, it is essential to know between growing in coco coir vs soil. Like peat, it may be used as an natural component in potting system, or only to modify garden soil or propagate plants.

But, if you plan to aim for coconut potting soil or coco coir potting soil, you better know the instructions well for adding coco coir to soil. Be careful with the process of adding coco coir to soil. You can just aim for 50/50 coco soil mix.

Coir holds more water than peat, for making it a perfect choice for many containers and hanging baskets. Besides, you can also go for the peat moss vs potting soil combination. Then differentiate between the peat moss vs topsoil carefully. There are other coco soil mix recipes as well.

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So, what does coconut coir gardening and coconut fibre for plants do for you?

• Coconut coir for gardening helps to retain moisture or water in the soil with a really good absorbance. Your plants will not feel dehydrated and the soil will not feel too compact.
• Traps air in the soil, letting the roots, along with the soil breathe.
• It prevents the infestation of insects or pests because they do not like growing or living on coco peats.
• Coco peat is, alike coconut fiber mulch, quite an environment friendly and it poses no extreme risk for your plants.

How to make coconut coir?​

Making coconut coir is quite a lengthy task. Firstly, the inners after part of the coconuts are separated from the shell by soaking them in fresh or saltwater. After separating them, the shells are dried for about a year. Then, they are chopped or made into the various forms coco coir is available.

You will find the coir in the various forms- coco coir bricks, coco coir compost, coco coir husk fiber, coco coir bulk, coco coir chips, coconut coir fiber etc. In fact, you can use the various forms in various ways.

You can use coco coir as the only medium for growing your plant or you can use the coco coir fiber to just make the coir for plants you plant the plants in more aerated.

Nowadays, you can easily coconut coir hydroponics, coconut coir pellets and coconut coir for sale. So consider this option too.


Vermiculite vs Coco Coir?

Do Not use vermiculite to aerate the soil. Coconut Coir is that natural fibers which comes from the husks of coconuts. Because coir resembles strong hair-like material, it’s excellent as a binding agent.

Soil vs Coco: Coco vs soil, which type of coco coir depends on the type of coco-coir soil mix you want. Or, if you just need the coco coir as the soil for your garden coir- yes, that works too. If you are thinking about the coco coir vs coco peat dilemma then you know now it just depends on how you want to plant your plants.

In this case, peat moss vs coir you have to answer the question of how to use coconut coir in gardening. Yes, there are a few ways in which you can use it to make coco gardening which is why there are different types of coconut coir.

When making a coconut soil mix, you need to monitor your soil to confirm you have the perfect nutrients to improve your plant’s growth.

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How to use coconut fiber for planting?

With these questions, we will get to how you can use coco coir in your garden. If you only use the coco peat or fiber to make coco fiber soil, the roots of your plants may drown in the coir. In fact, you have to use coco coir just the way you would use peat moss in your garden.

You can use a coco coir soil mix recipe to get your pot ready. In this case, you just add coco coir to an equal amount of soil and also add some compost if you feel like it. Another way you can use coco coir is a coco coir perlite mix. In this case, you usually add 30% perlite to the total mixture of both.

Coco Peat Vs Peat Moss -As weird as it may sound you can also use a coco coir peat moss mix. Why two of the same type of amendments? Because both of them have individual properties that can balance out the extremes of each other.

If you are concerned about coco coir nutrients- you have nothing to be concerned about, Apparently, neither coco coir (coco quire) nor peat moss has any nutrients in them. They just make the soil reach a better state for the plants.

Related image Coconut Coir Vs Peat Moss

Peat moss is the more traditional soil amendment that is made from peat bogs. Both have similar functions in the gardening world. So, let us see how you can make a choice between when it is coconut coir vs peat moss.

  1.The Water Retention Capacity

Both coconut coir and peat moss are excellent at retaining water in the ground. However, peat moss takes some time to accept the water while coco coir vs soil does it right away. Best Peat moss and coco coir can both hold water for long periods of time but coco coir seems to get saturated faster.

So, peat moss vs coconut coir -if you usually go a while without watering your plants then peat moss may be a better option. Other than that, one of the coco growing medium in coco pit would be to water your plants carefully. You do not want to overdo it for coco fiber growing medium now, do you?

2.The pH level of each

One of the key differential points of the two is the pH level of each. Peat moss is quite acidic with a pH level ranging from 3.3 to 4. On the other hand, coco coir is much less acidic with a pH level of 5.2 to 6.8 This makes coco coir more suitable for most kinds of plants as it is very neutral.

You have to be careful about using peat moss. Because most plants cannot live in such extremely acidic conditions. Other than that, if you have an alkaline gardening environment or use tap water which is alkaline- then peat moss can be a good choice.

  3.The Sustainability of each

It has been found through research that peat moss is much less sustainable than coco choir. While coco coir takes less time to make and is available greatly, peat moss cannot be remade from the same place for about 25 years.

Therefore, if sustainability is an issue for you, coco coir is a better choice. Only in the sustainability fight of coconut coir vs peat moss, does coconut coir clearly win.

   4.The Salt Content of Coco Soil Mix

While peat moss can be very acidic, coco coir may have high amounts of salt in it as well. This depends on how the cocoa coir has been made. If the coco coir has been treated in saltwater then it will have more salt in it.

Also, coconuts usually grow in the sea environment where they take up salty water through the roots. However, there are ways to treat this problem and you can easily get rid of the extra salt in the coco moss

5.The cost

The cost varies depending on your location but they are quite close to each other. So, the cost is not really a determining factor in this case. However, the availability of the unit may determine a lot of things.

Recommended Sources of Buying the Peat Moss

Peat Moss vs Compost:

As compost works as a great substitute to peat moss or peat moss compost, you may have a hard to decide between whether to use peat moss or compost for lawn.

So you should clearly know about compost and peat moss. In a compost vs peat moss comparison, you will find various types of compost, e.g., coir compost, coconut compost, even the compost peat moss. But none of them are as popular as the peat moss or coco moss.

Peat moss is immensely popular and easily available. Almost all the gardeners in America used it at least for once.  The sphagnum peat moss is the most common one among all types of peat moss.

Peat moss comes with acidic pH values, and being sterile, it has limited microorganisms and nutrients.

However, it is as good as cococoir (coco-coir) and retains moisture superbly by standing against the soil compaction in your garden.

On the other hand, compost is mostly an organic material. Unlike peat moss, you can prepare it yourself in at home. It is usually used as a substitute to peat moss. It offers extended amount of nutrients and microorganisms at a time.

Unlike peat moss, it has alkaline pH, which is sometimes neutral as well. Be careful about its being compact, and deal with the weed seeds carefully if it contains any.

However, if you decide to go for peat moss in peat vs compost comparison, it will cost you penny with certain advantages.

Sphagnum Moss vs Peat Moss:

We often get confused to differentiate between sphagnum peat moss vs peat moss, as you will find many stores to sale sphagnum moss as peat moss. Although both are natural bogs, but are not the same. Living plants growing on top of the bog make sphagnum moss, while it is the opposite when it come sot peat moss.

Sphagnum moss is long-fibered, pliable and soft to work as a suitable growing medium with excellent capacity for water retention. Practically, you won’t find any other purest moss than sphagnum moss. That’s why it is also one of the greatest peat moss alternatives as well.

On the other hand, being acidic, peat moss is rich in tannins and mostly water components. It is a combination of various dead insects, moss and plant materials.

There is peat moss for grass, peat moss for lawn or peat moss lawn. By adding peat moss to garden (pete moss soil), you can get lost of advantages such as high aeration, less soil compaction, needed nutrients and microorganisms. So, choose wisely between sphagnum vs peat moss.

Sphagnum Peat Moss vs Coco Coir

Both coco core or coir coconut and sphagnum are very popular and effective soil conditioners. You need to use coconut husk for gardening inn case of coco coir. In a coir coconut, coco coir stays in between the outer coating and the shell, while the sphagnum peat is produced from peat bogs.

However, peat is mostly acidic with a PH level of 3.5 to 4.8, and coir is mostly neutral with a PH level of 5.5 – 6.8.

Unlike, Sphagnum Moss, both these ingredients are very easy to use and suit any kind of soil. You can buy them online any moment. Both help to retain moisture and thrive the plants by adding the essential nutrients to the soil.

Perlite Versus Vermiculite: What Is The Difference?

Perlite is little white balls used to dry out the soil efficiently between recurring watering. It helps to improve soil aeration along with enhanced water retention. In this case, coco coir and perlite are identical. How much perlite you need depends on the type of soil.

Sometimes, you can use peat moss and perlite together. Nevertheless, take expect opinion before using perlite and peat moss together.

On the other hand, vermiculite is used when one wants to raise the pH level of the soil. In addition, contrary to perlite, it helps the soil to stay damp. Perlite ph value is 6.6 to 7.5, while vermiculite has a pH value of 7.0.

There are a few perlite substitutes as well. The substitute for perlite includes PBH rice hulls. Interestingly, vermiculite perlite peat moss has arrived recently and become very popular within a short time.

Related image F.A.Q

Is there any peat moss substitute?

Yes, if you ask what can i use instead of peat moss, there are few substitutes available for peat moss base or peat moss substrate (peat substrate). They match the ph. of peat humus ph or peat moss ph., and cost less than peat moss costs.

In other words, they almost resemble pure peat moss. For instance, coconut choir, pine needles, cocoa fiber/ coir fiber/coir fabric, leaf mold, coconut coir, coco pet, coconut coir pellets, bark or wood fibre, manure and compost. But, for the optimal result, make sure they match the ph of peat moss before you buy.

Is peat moss good for lawns?

Yes, it is scientifically proved and 100% safe for your lawns. Even you can use it to replace your coco moss. It benefits to your lawn in a numerous ways. It retains moisture superbly by standing against the soil compaction.

It offers the needed nutrients and microorganisms. Most importantly, it improves the aeration in your lawn. You can even have substitute for peat moss. As peat moss replacement, you can use compost and coir, coco core or coconut core (cocnut coir) as well.

What is coco coir?

Cocoa coir or coco-coir (coc coir) is also known as garden coir and coco fibers (coco fibre). Simply, it is coir coconut or coconut fibre that we find the coconut seed. In a coir coconut, it stays in between the outer coating and thee shell.

This coconut fiber for plants is very popular among the garden and lawn owners in America. It also works as an alternative to peat moss. Coco coir ph level is very significant for your garden. Therefore, you must be careful when finding the right type of coconut coir soil in the market.

What is peat moss good for?

Peat moss is good for any kind of gardens or lawns. Yes, peat moss cost is indeed a matter to consider, but it supplements the soil greatly. It stands against the soil compaction, offers essential nutrients and microorganisms, and help you lawn or garden to thrive immensely.

So, if you have peat moss soil, check the peat moss ph level sometimes and get the result you want.

Is peat moss acidic?

Yes, peat substrate, unlike the ph of coco coir or coco bricks, is mostly acidic with a peat pH value 5.5.

Is sphagnum moss the same as peat moss?

No, they are not the same. Both are soil substitute. But there is don peat, garden peat, cocoa moss, peat moss mix, and other types of peat moss. You can also get milled sphagnum moss and sphagnum peat moss home depot.

To understand the different you need to know what is peat moss made of. Sphagnum moss is only a kind of moss, which is renewable. Nevertheless, peat moss takes many years to accumulate so termed as not renewable.

Is peat moss renewable?

Peat moss accumulates so slowly. The process takes numerous years. That is why most of the experts consider it non-renewable. Nevertheless, if you compare, peat moss vs sphagnum moss, the latter is often renewable.

is peat moss sustainable?

Yes, peat moss is environmentally sustainable. If you compare peat moss vs peat humus, we recommend peat moss vegetable garden as it is sustainable. Just know about the peat moss garden soil, peat moss base, the way of growing peat moss, how much peat moss to use, and when to use peat moss. It will get the result you want.

Can you mix Coco and soil?

Yes, you can mix coco and soil and get soil coco mix. This mixture is also the answer to what is coco soil. Unlike the coco peat soil, coconut soil mix takes some precautions. Test your soil well and make sure it contains the needed amount of nutrients to help your plants thrive.

What is coco peat?

Coco peat or Cocopeat (coconut pit) is used for coconut peat or a coconut coir growing medium. It is usually a coco growing medium made of coconut husk, but you can use it for multi-purpose too. To make this coco fiber growing medium, pre wash the fibrous coconut husk, sieve and make it free from all the contaminations such as sand, plant residue or soil, etc. It is a very ideal coconut fiber potting medium, which is 100% ecofriendly and organic. This coconut fiber growing medium is highly sustainable for coco peat soil and suitable for using a peat moss growing medium as well.

What is Beats peat?

Beats peat is a coconut fiber used to add necessary nutrients, pH value and microorganisms to the soil. This type of coconut fiber uses enhanced amount of coconut fiber blocks and coir peat brick. So it may cost a little more, but produces great value for the money. It also aids the coconut fiber potting soil process. You can also buy beat moss of beats.


Why people use peat moss in garden?

 Most of the gardeners use it as a helpful potting soil ingredient, or a soil amendment ingredient.  In peat moss for gardens, peat moss nutrients help the plants immensely. Never does peat moss go bad, so bulk peat moss prices are helpful for the gardeners.  As it is acidic, you have to test the soil to determine how much peat moss to lower ph.


Where to buy peat moss near me?

If you are wondering, where can i get peat moss, you can just go to any local peat moss shop or order it online right away. But don’t get confused on peat moss or mulch, because both have different uses.

We recommend you to go for spaghnum peat moss or compressed peat moss and peat moss bulk price. Some online shops also offer best price on peat moss.

What is peat moss used for?

There are numerous benefits of peat moss, so have different uses of peat moss. Peat moss use is common among most of the gardeners and they peat moss in garden for various reasons. It adds nutrients to the soil and some people also use peat moss for trapping nutrients.

Day by day the uses for peat moss is increasing as peat moss plant harvest the most. Using peat moss as mulch or potting moss is also a good option.

Is peat moss good for grass?

Using peat moss to grow grass is good as it make germination rate of grass seed faster and better. That’s why some people also use peat balls peat moss for growing grass. Adding peat moss to lawn or adding peat moss to garden soil will easily help grass produce the expected result.

Is peat moss compost?

No, peat most is not compost. Composting peat moss could result in some different products. But they are not the same thing.

What does peat moss do for a garden?

It adds nutrients to the soil and some people use peat moss for trapping nutrients. It stands against the soil compaction, offers essential nutrients and microorganisms, and help you lawn or garden to thrive immensely.

Does peat moss make soil acidic?

Yes, as it is acidic, it makes soil acidic. But you can control it efficiently, if you know how to use peat moss or how to add peat moss to soil. So we recommend peat moss for gardening when you know about peat moss clay soil, where does peat moss come from, and the process of adding peat moss to garden.

What do I need to know to grow coco vegetable?

There are many things to know before you start growing coco vegetables. You can use coco for growing vegetables if you know about coconut fiber mulch, coco grow medium, coconut coir seed starting mix process, coco plants, coco chips for gardens, etc.

Make sure you know about coco coir grow guide, coconut fiber for sale markets, process of watering coco coir, etc. You will need:


Coco root vegetable Coco coir plugs coco fiber sheet
Coco fiber blocks Bulk coconut coir coconut fiber bulk
Coco coir blocks coco pellets coco fibers
Coconut fiber bulk coconut coir products coconut fiber hydroponics
Coconut husk fiber bulk coco coir coconut coir hydroponics
Coconut husk planters coco coir block coco dirt
coconut fiber coir coir dry cocopeat
coconut husk soil coconut husk for plants cocoa growing medium


Where to buy coconut coir?

You can buy coconut coir from coco coir home depot. You will get Coco Coir-70778920 there. You can just search on the internet “coco coir near me/ coconut coir near me”, and you will find the home depot alike the coir peat home depot.

Get the best coco coir by checking the coco coir ph level. You can also buy bulk coco coir, cheap coco coir, or coconut coir blocks from there.

Is peat renewable?


To the industrialized world, peat is non-renewable. It takes too much time to accumulate. But, in 2006, the intergovernmental panel on climate change named it as renewable fuels. Cost of peat moss is also high, be it milled peat moss or don peat.

But, because of the difference between sphagnum moss and peat moss, sphagnum moss is generally renewable.


coco growing media soil substitutes organic coir
coco coir cubes coco fiber bricks cocoa plant liners
coco fiber pots coconut coir block dry moss for planters
coco chips hydroponics lowes coco coir coco coir pellets
coco growing media sphagnum moss seeds and

moss for potted plants

coconut mat for plants
sorghum moss coir bricks lowes soilless dog sod


Is peat moss organic?

Yes, peat moss is organic. It is not related to coco coir mulch. You can use peat moss in vegetable garden. But, if you ask what does peat moss do to soil, the advantages are numerous. But you need ot know how much peat moss to use.


In conclusion

The answer to the question Coconut Coir Vs Peat moss is quite subjective.

It is not possible to say in a word coco peat vs coco coir  or choose between coco coir and peat moss in general. Coco coir organic is a great choice but if peat moss is more available in your area than that might do. In the end, it fully comes down to your own preferences, which one you choose coconut husk for gardening.

Despite a few drawbacks, coco coir can be quite a good choice based on its sustainability. In order to find the best coco coir, all you have to do is check if the type is alright for you, the content is neither too salty nor too acidic. The best depends on the needs of your garden.

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