6 Best Weed Eater For Tall Person in 2021 [Top Picks]

A taller person has often faced challenges to clean up and trim the grass from the lawn. But weed eaters are the best solution to meet up with all the adverse challenges.

Weed eater is a brand name that represents the string trimmer. A string trimmer used spinning motion to cut grass and thin wooden plants.

We have researched and analyzed many string trimmers and found out some best weed eaters for tall person. These come with added height to provide comfort for a taller person.

Let’s check out the list of top-notches six longest shaft string trimmer that prevents injury, discomfort and fatigue.

Best Weed Eater For Tall Person


Which is better, a two-cycle or four-cycle weed eater?

The two-cycle and four-cycle weed eater are good for different perspects. For example, a 2-cycle eater is lightweight, easy to maintain and affordable.

On the contrary, a 4-cycle weed eater is heavier but quieter and produces less emission. But it is a bit expensive.”


Related image Our top picks

Best For Residential Area – WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer

extra-long shaft, comfortable handle, powerful motor, battery charging system.


Best For Toughest Grass Area – Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

Advanced features, cushioned grip handle, straight shaft and quick-connect coupler.


Best-selling is Husqvarna Detachable Gas String Trimmer

easily accessible, SmartStart technology, straight shaft and versatile using benefits.


Best For Advanced Technology – EGO Power String Trimmer

Power load technology, automatic feed feature, brushless motor and variable speed controlling system.


Best For Professional Use –ECHO Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit   

Durable, easy to use, easy to maintain, longer convenient shaft, comfortable padded handle.


Best For Overall Performance – RYOBI Capable String Trimmer       

Versatile attachment capability, lithium-ion battery, variable speed control, great cutting width.


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As a result of our long research, we are reviewing the most relevant of the few string trims here. Hope you find the best one you require.


1)   WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer                      


WORK Revolution trimmer is a professional tool to take care of your lawn grass trimming. This best residential weed Wacker has come with 3 in one feature that gives it the dignity of a mini mower tool. You can whip this trimmer all day long without fatigue because it is an extra-long shaft weed eater. Besides, a powerful motor and battery ensure maximum performance.

The dimension is 55.25 x 5.47 x 7.48 inches, and the weight is 5.48 pounds. Also, a 20V Max Lithium Battery, 20V Battery Charger and 7600 RPM motor are included with this trimmer. Do note the color is black and orange combined.


Key Features:WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer 

  •       The 3 in 1 tool function with an in-line wheeled edger provides precise trimming like a mini mower.
  •       Automatic Command technology for extra line adding allows you to continue the trimming without stopping.
  •       It has seven handle adjustments and six rotating heads to provide comfort flexibility to your hand.
  •       This tool is longer and stronger and has a powerful 7600 RPM motor.




What customers are saying:

Existing customers have been praised for three special features. These are extra longer height, adjustable handle and rotating head setting for user comfort.

A very few customers have expressed their confusion about the lithium-ion battery power for longer use.


2)   Greenworks Corded String Trimmer   



Do you think you should buy the best weed trimmer for home use that can handle the toughest grass areas? Greenworks corded trimmer is ideal because it is made with advanced features and easy to handle functions. First of all, it is an electric string trimmer that has a straight shaft and incredible attachment benefits with versatile brands.

The dimension is 12.99 x 31.5 x 5.12 inches, and the weight is 9.9 pounds. Also, know that the color combination is white, Grey & Green. It is a corded style 18 inches string trimmer to ensure taller person comfort.


Key Features:Greenworks Corded String Trimmer    

  •       It comes with a lightweight corded string trimmer with a straight shaft and dual-line bump feed features.
  •       It has come with 18 inches cutting path that makes the toughest cut easier
  •       The auxiliary handle cushion and over-mold grip provide comfort when trimming.
  •       It is adjustable with several brands of attachment because of the quick connect coupler.




What customers are saying:

Most existing customers are happy with the 18 inches cutting path, straight shaft and cushioned grip handle. Moreover, this string trimmer has become popular for versatile attachment.

Some customers said that Greenworks Corded String Trimmer is comparatively heavier than another trimmer.


3)   Husqvarna Detachable Gas String Trimmer               



Husqvarna is a best-selling string trimmer that operates with a gas power source. It is a powerful weed Wacker and easily accessible. Hence, it has SmartStart technology to reduce the corded resistance up to 40%. As a result, the engine starts within a short time. Besides, a straight shaft allows reaching this trimmer at hard to reach and bushes areas.

The dimension is 12.2 x 10.25 x 40 inches, and the weight is 11 pounds. Also, note the power source is Gas, and it comes with a nice combination of orange and grey color.


Key Features:Husqvarna Detachable Gas String Trimmer 

  •       It has a 28cc powerful engine that can rotate in 2-cycles to cut 17 inches width.
  •       Special Tap’ N Go feature is helpful to release the new trimmer line against the grass.
  •       T25 trimmer head design is easy to reload the line when it required to replace.
  •       Versatile cutting features are compatible with both cutting blade and trimmer head.




What customers are saying:

We got a lot of positive customer reviews on this string trimmer. Most of the customers have said about the versatile using benefits and detachable shaft design. The detachable shaft is easy to transport. Besides, it is best lightweight grass trimmer and compatible for home use.

Some customers have received this trimmer with a manufacturing fault.           

4)   EGO Power String Trimmer



Are you looking for a unique and advanced string trimmer? EGO power is the world’s first trimmer that is made with Power load technology. The patent-pending technology can solve all of the biggest requirements of a string trimmer. For example, it can wind a trimmer automatically and feed the new line into the head. Moreover, it is an incredibly powerful carbon fiber shaft.

The dimension of this trimmer is 71.7 x 12.6 x 9.8 inches, and the weight is 12 pounds. Also, know that the color is green and grey combination and cutting width is 15 inches.


Key Features:EGO Power String Trimmer

  •       The Patented power load technology ensures user comfort with a push-button within the second.
  •       The carbon fiber shaft is stronger enough to handle all pressure of grass trimming.
  •       It comes with a brushless motor that is powerful, long-lasting, long-operating and low vibrating.
  •       Versatile speed controlling for grass cutting in different length




What customers are saying:

The existing customers are impressed with its brushless motor, variable speed control and power load technology. Besides, the carbon fiber shaft gets praised by all users.

This product is often unavailable in the market, so that it may delay delivery.


5)   ECHO Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit       


ECHO gas-powered is the best heavy duty weed trimmer because it is durable and easy to use and maintain. The cutting line is incredibly stiff with its .095 inches diameter. Besides, ECHO pas is tough and longer to cut the longer grass-like foxtail.

The dimension is 54 x 12 x 13 inches, and the weight is 16.2 Pounds. Also, note that the cutting width is 17 inches, and the power source is Gas. You will get this trimmer in grey, orange and black colors.


Key Features:ECHO Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit

  •       It offers a complete package of power head, edge attachment and trimmer attachment.
  •       The tool-less coupler allows the user for easy attachment and detachment
  •       A durable metal shield is perfect for clog-resistant
  •       It has come with a comfortable padded handle for user comfort.




What customers are saying:

The existing ECHO Gas PAS Trimmer customers are pleased with the easy user access ability and comfort level. Besides, the longer shaft seems very convenient to the professional user to cut the longer plant-like foxtail.

Some customers have faced problems returning their defective products.

6)   RYOBI Capable String Trimmer  



If you are looking for an overall best performer string trimmer in all respects, then we will introduce you to Ryobi. Ryobi is the praiseworthy choice for professional and regular lawn owners.  It is a best attachment capable string trimmer. Among its features are attachment capability, battery-powered motor, cordless system.

We get this trimmer with 35.7 x 8.3 x 6.8 inches dimension and 13.37 pounds weight. As well as we want to mention the color is grey and green combination, and the cutting width is 15 inches.


Key Features:RYOBI Capable String Trimmer

  •       It has an excellent attachment capability with universal Gas that is time and labor-consuming.
  •       A powerful 40-volt lithium-ion battery with 90 minutes charging system is available.
  •       It offers 13 to 15 inches cutting width to cut longer grass
  •       Easier bump feeding features allow reloading the line




What customers are saying:

The existing customers said about the variable speed controlling and excellent cutting width. Besides, it has become popular because of the 40-volt lithium-ion battery.

It seems tricky to use for the left-handed person because of the manufacturing fault.

Considering factors to buy the best weed eater for tall person

It is crucial to consider your lawn or yard size, shape, types of grass before buying a string trimmer. The string trim brings versatile features and functions, and the trimmer is effective depending on the amount of grass and the type of lawn. Here we are considering factors that will help you choose a perfect string trimmer as per the yard requirement.


Image result for BULLET point signCorded Vs. Cordless:

Generally, an electric string trimmer comes with a cordless and corded system. A corded trimmer has come with an extended cord to connect with the electric power source. So, a corded trimmer doesn’t require battery charging. But the problem is that a corded trimmer can’t cover many areas.

On the other hand, a cordless string trimmer comes without an extension cord, and it requires a battery charger to get power. Generally, battery and gas-powered trimmer come without an extension cord. The great benefit of a cordless trimmer is that it can cover larger areas.


Image result for BULLET point signRun time and charge time:

A cordless trimmer works based on a single battery charge. It is the best string trimmer for large yard  of 1000-4300 square feet. It will provide you with the best long run time experience. But a corded trimmer comes with a direct electric power source. So, you have to change the trimmer position as per your requirement, and it cannot reach any problematic areas.


Image result for BULLET point signCutting Width:

Cutting width refers to the specific space that a string trimmer can cut at the same time. Usually, a string trimmer comes with a 10 to 18 inches cutting width. Do note that a good quality trimmer should have at least 13 inches of cutting width.


Image result for BULLET point signShaft style:

A shaft trimmer can come in different shapes like curve, straight or adjustable style. Among all these, the curve shaft works best to reach the difficult space of your lawn grass. However, operating a curve shaft is easier. On the contrary, a straight shaft is suitable for narrow and tight spaces. But it is tricky to operate.

Image result for BULLET point sign length:

The long handle is very important when looking for a weed eater for tall people. Because it is very difficult for a tall man to work with a short length trimmer, there are so many special string trimmers available in the market. Be sure to check the handle length before buying.

Image result for BULLET point signTool Comfort:

Tool comfort is important for user comfort when they use the trimmer for a long time. For this, try to pick up a trimmer that has come with a grip handle. Besides, make sure about the ergonomic head design and shoulder straps. At the same time, the weight of a trimmer is also a factor.

Image result for BULLET point signDebris Guard:

Some string trimmer comes with a special debris guard to protect user feet from flying debris. There may have been debris in the flower bed and grass lawn. So, choose a string trimmer with debris support.

A summary between weed Wacker vs pulling weeds


Weed Wacker Pulling weeds
It is an efficient tool to trim the lawn grass. Pulling weed tool is used to remove the plant from the root.
It is a powerful tool for grass cutting It is a highly powerful tool for removing grass.
Weed Wacker is expensive than pulling weeds Pulling weeds is cheaper than weed Wacker
It is larger and longer in size Pulling weeds is smaller in size.


A summary between loop handle vs bike handle

Loop handle Bike handle
The loop handle is efficient for flower beds a shrub Bike handle is essential for brush cutting
It is less safe and has no control like a bike handle The bike handle is safer and has more control
It is compatible with circular blades It is compatible with all types of blades



What to do if a weed eater will not start?

When you notice that the weed eater will not start, then follow these tips. First of all, check the electric corded function if it is correctly plugged in with the electric outlet. Most of the time, a faulty extension cord is responsible for not working because of the weed eater’s problem.


What is the difference between weed eater vs trimmer?

The cutting process is the main difference between a weed eater and a bladed trimmer. Although both of these tools are used for grass cutting, the way is different. A weed eater usually uses a monofilament material line. On the other hand, blade trimmers use metal and plastic material to cut the grass.


Stihl or Husqvarna string trimmer, which is best for the lawn?


Stihl and Husqvarna both are the most popular brands for a string trimmer. Husqvarna is popular for its high-power tool quality and fewer maintenance requirements. Husqvarna is the best reliable choice for the homeowner. And Stihl is best for built quality and durability.



Electric or Gas, which power source is better for a string Trimmer?

Electric, Gas or battery power sources have personal benefits for a string trimmer. However, all power sources are beneficial in different aspects. Generally, battery and gas power are best for larger trimming jobs. On the other hand, electric trimmer works like Gas and battery-powered trimmer, but it is efficient for smaller trimming work.


Weed Eater and attachments

A garage or garden storeroom may fill up with many versatile pieces of tools, and it comes with easy use and maintains those tools if they come with a great attachment system. As like another tool, a weed eater comes with an attachment. So, a weed eater comes with attachment capability as it will be efficient for the owner.


Related image Pros and Cons of String Trimmers – According to Power Source



A battery-powered string trimmer is most popular for its easier accessibility, and it requires only a charged battery and a press button to start work with it. This trimmer has less emission and weight than a gas string trimmer, and you can keep safe from gas fumes when cleaning the weeds. Moreover, the battery charging trimmer is quieter than the gas trimmer.

A battery-powered trimmer comes with less runtime than a corded and electric string trimmer when it comes to the cons.



Gas powered weed cutter has become popular for the quick and quality cutting of the thicker grasses. The main benefit of a gas trimmer is that it can cover the largest area than other weed wackers.

But gas trimmer is comparatively heavier and releases fumes and loud noise during trimming. Moreover, it needs enough maintenance.


Electric corded:

This type of string trimmer is easy to use and maintain. You can start it for work after connecting the cord with the power source.

It has some downsides like other trimmers. For example, it required a longer extension cord to work with a larger area. Besides, this would be a bit heavier.


How To Know If a String Trimmer is Too Short for You


Here is a common and easy tip to find out the best weed eater for tall person. It is essential to choose the string trimmer compatibility as per your height. Take a measurement tape and put the zero ends on the floor. And put another end at your neck. Now stand straight and hold the tape behind you. If the measurement is less than 45 inches, then it is too short for your length.

Related image F.A.Q

1)   How Should You Hang the Best Weed Eater for a Tall Person in A Garage? 

One thing is most important to keep in mind when you hang your string trimmer in a garage. The manufacturing brands recommend hanging a trimmer in a vertical position so that the fuel doesn’t leak. At the same time, don’t forget to turn off the battery from the tool. Otherwise, its battery life might be damaged.


2)   Is a Thicker Trimmer Line Better?  

First of all, be aware that trimmer lines come in different diameters and weights. A weighted and thicker string trimmer is good for powerful, efficient and precise cutting. On the other hand, a lightweight and thinner string trimmer is best for the minimum weed area.


3)   How To Choose the Best String Trimmer for Tall People?             


There are some things to consider when choosing a string trim for taller persons. These things can help you to get the best weed eater for a taller person. Let’s know the factors.

  •       Run time and charge time of the power source
  •      Corded Vs. Cordless weed eater
  •       Grass cutting width
  •       Shaft length and style
  •       User comfort
  •       Debris Guard

Final Words:

It is the end of our review guide on the best weed eater for tall person. We believe you can find the best weed eater for yourself from this guide. All of the mentioned string trimmers are tested for power, durability, and performance, but there is one overall performer.

The RYOBI Capable String Trimmer is overall the best on our list. Besides, you can pick up the Husqvarna Detachable Gas String Trimmer for larger trimming projects and Green works Corded String Trimmer for the smaller cutting area.

If you have any questions about this guide, then let us know. We will update this guide for your convenience.

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