5 Best Tiller for Breaking New Ground [Reviews 2021]

No matter when you are planning to start a garden from scratch, it is always challenging. Though, we have passed those days long back when tilling the ground used to requires active labor. The best tiller for breaking new ground has become accessible for gardeners to overcome the stumbling block.

Before digging in, let’s deal with some real questions if you are a newbie in gardening.

What is tiller?

In simple words, a tiller is a tool for splitting up sturdy and compressed soil. It helps to create a suitable condition for panting. Without a tiller preparing the land would be a nightmare for the gardener.

Why Need This?

Tilling can improve soil conditions as it is one of the great methods to prepare the ground. It enhances the ability to aerate and stimulates plants to thrive.

What happened if you choose the wrong tiller?

Selecting the unfit tiller for your garden can ruin the soil and the machine itself.

But choosing a definite one is somewhat a complicated job. But the great news is everything you need to know regarding tillers mentioned underneath with some recommended models. Let’s check these out.

Best Tiller for Breaking New Ground- Product Reviews in 2021

Earthwise TC70016Cultivator & Electric Corded13.5 Amp Electric EngineCheck Customer Reviews
Sun Joe TJ604ECultivator & Electric 13. 5-Amp Motor CultivatesCheck Customer Reviews

Mantis 7250Cultivator & Electric Corded540-Watt Motor CultivatesCheck Customer Reviews
Greenworks Cordless TillerCultivator & Cordless8-Amp MotorCheck Customer Reviews
YARDMAX YT4565Cultivator & Electric Corded190 Tine RPMCheck Customer Reviews


1.Earthwise TC70016


Among the tillers that are being offered by Earthwise, TC70016 is the most dominant. It is probably the best rototiller for rocky soil. The tines are competent in cutting through deep roots instantly. At the price point, you cannot ask for more than this tiller, which makes it the best rear tine tiller under $1000.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Earthwise TC70016

This product from Earthwise can remit you all the power you need with a robust 13-amp motor. It has six sharp tines to cultivate around 8 inches deep into the ground. The cultivating width can be flexible as well between 11 to 16 inches. The tiller has 6-inches flip-down moving wheels to roam around.

  • Easy push-button start
  • No gas, no fumes
  • 13.5 Amp
  • Tine speed is 360° RPM
  • Adjustable will be 4 tines to 6 tines
  • Working width: 11 ft. or 16 in and depth 8 in
  • 6 convertible tines
  • Bail wire switch

Ergonomic cushioned grip assures comfort while shifting the device. The overall weight of the machine is 34.8lbs, which is considered pretty lightweight. Unlike other tillers, a simple push-button is enough to kick start it.


  • It has a safety switch.
  • Easily portable to anywhere.
  • You don’t need to worry about the storage space.


  • The combination is a bit tricky yet manageable.

Image result for BULLET point signWhy is this best?

The best part of the Earthwise tiller product line is, it has no nuisance of oil or gas-related issues. This versatile tilling machine can dig deep into the dirt without also making you feel it.

Image result for BULLET point signIt is suitable for whom?

For practical results and assistance, you don’t need to think twice after purchasing it. The product is considerably light to wash. Moreover, it has a 2-year product warranty.

2.Sun Joe TJ604E


Now let me introduce you to the best electric tiller for breaking new ground from the omnipotent company of Sun Joe. Sun Joe TJ604E is a flawless fit if you have a medium-sized garden. This rototiller cultivator can provide sustainable service as per your interest.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Sun Joe TJ604E

Everybody will admit that electric power tools are much handier and more straightforward to use. This 27lbs rear tine tiller is an extreme example of that.

It has a hefty 13.5-amp motor that can effortlessly drill through the soil with the spinning speed of 370 RPM.

  • Powerful 13.5-amp motor cultivates up to 16 in. wide x 8 in. deep
  • Used 6 durable steel angled tines for extreme durability and performance
  • 3 position wheel adjustment
  • Handle can be folded for perfect storage and easy transport
  • Maintenance-free
  • Full 2-year warranty; ETL approved

No matter how stiff the soil is, with the six steel angled tines, it can swiftly cultivate. The tiller is capable of nurturing an area of 16 inches wide at a time. Thus, it secures proper aeration and perfectly well tilling. The real wheels are height-adjustable in three positions. Moreover, the handle is also collapsible, which enables the safe storage of the tiller.


  • Tilling width is comprehensive that allows you to cultivate larger space.
  • It comes in a snug size.
  • The product has three tine angles for even soil tilling.
  • Uncomplicated commencing procedure.


  • Running speed is not adjustable.

Image result for BULLET point signWhy is this best?

Talking from experience, rather than working hard, we are living in an era of working smart. And with this device, you don’t need to work hard for tilling.

Image result for BULLET point signIt is suitable for whom?

This product barely makes any sound. So, there is no chance to get annoyed with outcast noise. It is budget-friendly and the best rear tine garden tiller.

3.Mantis 7250


You won’t deny if I say, modern technology is making our life more comfortable than ever before with such machines like an electric tiller, will you? Usually, gas-powered tillers possess enormous power, but it is not right when Mantis 7250 enters. With the 3-speed motor, this product can generate immense power.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Mantis 7250

The Mantis electric tiller is equipped with unique and curvy tines that can dig 10 inches deep form the plain ground. It comes with a unique design and attractive red color. The tiller is such an ultra-light model that can easily be moved anywhere.

  • The tines can spin at a speed of 240 RPM.
  • Electric, 115V double-insulated ¾ hp and 540W circuit breakers not required fuel.
  • Tilling width is 9″
  • Easy starting  with Push-button | 3-speed
  • Tine Speed  is Up to 240 rpm

A push-button is responsible for easy starting. Ergonomic handles warrant absolute ease while running it with the comfortable padded grips. Those handles are foldable as well for easy storing.



  • It has a built-in extension cord holder.
  • Retractable multi-position wheel adjustment.
  • Easy cultivating process.
  • Weight is only 21lbs.


  • Because of the hefty motor, the sound may bother you a bit.

Image result for BULLET point signWhy is this best?

You can’t question its performance, efficiency, and power. If you want to make shallow tills on the ground, slightly turning the tine around can give you this opportunity. You can operate the device longer if you wish.

Image result for BULLET point signIt is suitable for whom?

The Mantis 7250 is the best rototiller for a large garden. So, if you have a comparably bigger garden, then you have the solution now for proper tilling. After purchasing one, there is little chance to complain about your choice.

4.Greenworks Cordless Tiller


Greenworks is a brand famous for its reliable garden tools. Fortunately, when it comes to the tiller, there is no such exception. This 10-inch 80V cordless model is the best electric tiller for breaking new ground. It has no limitation of movement due to short electrical wires, no badger of refueling gas-powered models.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Greenworks Cordless Tiller

  • This cordless tiller is powered by a battery that needs only 40 minutes for full charging. It takes 1-2 hours to get fully charged. Unlike other battery-powered planters, it can supply stable power.
  • Four adjustable tines provide a tilling width of 8 to 10 inches.
  • The tilling depth is also adjustable up to 5 inches.
  • Hassle free push button start. Used brushless motor for giving more torque, quiet operation, and of course longer life

For ensuring maximum safety, Greenworks goes for a two-step starting system. The forward rotating tines can easily loosen hard soil. Rear wheels are about six inches in size to run on any surface.

The box includes the main body, two washers, four tines, wheel assembly, top handle, and an operator’s manual.


  • No unintentional starting to prevent accidents.
  • Batteries are changeable.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Consistent power supply without any hiccups.


  • The battery needs frequent charging.

Image result for BULLET point signWhy is this best?

Among the battery-powered tiller models, Greenworks cordless tiller is the best tiller for breaking new ground. But you have to spend some extra bucks to afford it. Because these models are expensive compare to corded tillers. However, you can go to a tiller rental service.

Image result for BULLET point signIt is suitable for whom?

The people who are not comfortable with the corded model they can make their mind for this one. If you have a big yard to work on, then Greenworks cordless tiller is unbeatable.




As in the list Yardmax YT4565 at the top, it won’t be difficult for you to guess how drastically it can change your way of tilling. A combination of top-notch performance and breath-taking design are the key traits of this front tine tiller. With this small tool, tilling is fun now.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of YARDMAX YT4565

The product is offering a hardy build quality that guarantees rust-resilient extended durability. The herculean engine generates the rotational speed of 180-RPM. The tiller has self-sharpening tines, which is good news, which is worrying about the replacement of tines.

Moreover, the tines spin a lot faster than the other traditional power cultivators. Yardmax YT4565 dual rotating rear tine tiller provides tilling depth from 7 to 11 inches. The handlebar height is adjustable in three different positions. Yardmax tiller parts are also obtainable in the market.


  • Convenient to maneuver around the lawn.
  • Tines can be easily adjustable.
  • Comfortably usable with a single hand.
  • It facilitates dual rotation feature for subterranean cultivation.


  • The oil consumption is more than the usual.

Image result for BULLET point signWhy is this best?

Honestly, it is slightly tough to find something like Yardmax tiller in the market. Besides, this self-propelled device is a beast.

Image result for BULLET point signIt is suitable for whom?

If you are seeking for a tiny yet hefty tiller with calm control, this model from Yardmax is for you. It is ideal for residential gardens.

Related image Types of Tiller

Tillers have their classes according to your needs. But in number, there are not many options available for you in variety. Tillers can be found in three types.

Such as,

  • Mini Tillers

This sort of tillers often referred to as the smallest tillers or cultivator. The working width of it around 11 to 12 inches. Cultivators are best for small areas and the soils that have already tilled.

  • Rear tine tillers

It is the gigantic form of tillers as it comes in pretty massive size. Best suited for the large area. The width of the tine is around 16 to 18 inches.

  • Front tine tillers

Front tine tillers are medium in size. It can be powered either by electricity or gas. These are the large version of the cultivator that comes with a width of 14 to 18 inches.

Ultimately, if you want to get rid of the older tiller, then put that used rear tine tillers for sale.

Related image Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Tiller

Undoubtedly, the tiller is an inexorable tool when it comes to breaking any new ground. This device helps to prepare the garden for planting. However, getting lost into the flooded options of the tillers is pretty apparent.

Though, as I have gone through such kind of circumstances, assuredly, I can relate to this. So, to help your decision-making process, let me share some key factors to consider while buying a tiller.

  1. Consider the Depth that You want to Dig

Considering the adequate depth for the soil type is necessary. Whatever the soil type is, a tiller can cultivate it. After determining what will be planted on the ground, you can fix the depth of tilling.

Usually, 8 to 10 inches of depth is sufficient. But some soil requires shallow tilling of 2 to 5 inches. Here, you can do it by turning the tines inside with maintaining an angle. The season should also be considered before doing the job.

  1. Do Not Forget the Tines

Tines are responsible for proper and steady tilling. Some models appear with self-sharpening tines. Therefore, three types of tines are available that are meant for a particular purpose.

Those are Slasher tine, Bolo tine, and Chisel tine.

Slasher tines are best for chop the roots. Likewise, rocky soil can be handled by the Chisel tines. Bolo tines are capable of deep tilling.

So as there is a verity of soil conditions, appropriate tines work best for a distinct scenario. Consider investing in the best front tine tiller for handling unspecified soil type.

  1. Consider the Type of Soil You are Going to till

Soil type is a vital thing to consider as the effectiveness of tiller depends on it mostly. Without assessing the soil type, you cannot pick the perfect tiller for your lawn, especially if the soil has not yet been broken.

Suppose the soil is dense, then the smaller tillers won’t satisfy your need. This sort of ground needs bigger tiller even if the yard is short.

Moreover, mini-tillers are not capable enough to till rocky soil. It often skips the ground and loses tempo while tilling.

  1. Engine’s Power and Condition

The engine is the part of the tiller that produces power for the machine. Consider engine type before deciding one. Because no matter how well-designed and sharpen the tines are, without engine support, a tiller is nothing but a metal junk.

There are two main types of engines. As most gardeners know about gas and electric powered motor, it is not any secret. Depending on your convenience, pick one for tilling.

If you don’t like a corded machine, then gas-powered tiller should do the task for you. Notwithstanding, electric powered tillers are now quite popular in the market.

  1. Consider the Size of Your Garden or Land

Judging the tilling area is one of the indispensables criteria that should be considered. For a massive garden like more than 4000 square feet, a bigger tiller is advisable. The tiller above five horsepower would be a perfect fit.

Oppositely, mini-tillers are capable of doing the job for smaller ground that less than 1500 square feet. You can also till medium-sized garden with these mini-tillers. But yes, after considering other factors. You should know the variation between these tiller models. The choice you make should principally depend on the ground size.

Otherwise, your hard work can utterly go into vain.

Related image Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is quite apparent to have a question concerning the best tiller for breaking new ground. I have listed down answers to some common questions that may pop up in your head.

What are the best tillers for gardening?

Tiller that is not perfect for your ground can be a trouble. So, finding a decent one is a tough choice. I have already listed some best tillers above. Any of those would be a competent fit for gardening.

 What is the best tiller for hard soil?

Not every ground type is the same. Moreover, hard soil can give you a difficult time while tilling. Some tillers exist in the market that can help you to rototill the hard ground. Mantis tiller, powered by Honda, is one of them.

 Can you plant immediately after tilling?

No, you can’t. The main point of the tilling is to aerate the soil and improve the drainage system. Immediately planting after tilling the land can limit the growth of the plants. So, to get the best outcome, plant at least a couple of weeks later.

Front tine vs Rear tine tiller

The fundamental disparity between these two is the capability.

Rear line tillers are best for larger garden areas. Their engine can be found in the front. On the other hand, front tine tillers are comparatively lighter in weight and more pleasant to maneuver. The engine of the front tine tillers is in the rear side of the machine.

  What is the difference between a rototiller and a cultivator?

When you need to break the ground, a rotary tiller is a tool for you. A cultivator is commonly used for the already broken land. If you want to begin fresh, take a rototiller, but if your garden requires frequent cultivation, go for a cultivator.

How do you fix a tiller that won’t start?

In the case of a gasoline-powered tiller, sometimes the carburetor gets clogged. Thus, it leads to the plight of not starting. Check out whether it needs to be replaced or not. If the tiller is corded the evaluate the wire and the plugging point.

Do you push or pull a tiller?

Taking about the propulsion of tillers, you should push them. But only when you are on foot. Pulling the tiller from behind requires a larger area and any utility vehicle. For extensive gardening electric cultivator is the best.

Should I wet the ground before tilling?

Experts don’t recommend tilling on the wet ground because tilling can damage the soil compaction if it’s muddy. So, try not to cultivate if it rains.

You may not find your answer here, which is not a problem. But it will be if you don’t consider me to help you out. Any issues regarding electric tillers, let me know.

Related image Tiller Maintenance

If you want your tiller to serve with decent effectiveness, then the first rule of thumb would be maintaining it. But how to do that? Just follow these maintenance hacks below.

  • Try to keep the air-filter neat and tidy. If it requires changing, don’t waste time grabbing the best tiller for breaking new ground.
  • Don’t use a fuel filter that is not washed. Consider changing it regularly.
  • In winter, due to less activity, the carburetor can get decayed or clogged. Set a fuel stabilizer to prevent this problem.
  • Regularly wash the tines and lubricate them.
  • If the tires get damaged, then you will find rigor while moving it. Check before tilling whether those tires are properly inflated or not.
  • You can apply a degreaser to wash the tiller. Spray a degreaser and wipe it with a piece of cloth after 5 to 10 minutes.

Related image Safety Tips

Tilling involves a machine that functions by electricity or gas. It has tine blades for breaking the ground. So, you have to maintain some absolute safety measurements. Take a glance at these safety tips.

  1. Wear protective shields to safeguard your face.
  2. Do not come close to the tiller tines.
  3. Wear closed-toe shoes to be safe from the debris.
  4. Some tiller’s sound can tease your ears. So, try to put on earplugs to protect hearing.
  5. Never leave the garden tiller unattended for a long time if the engine is running.
  6. Always switch off the device after the tilling session.
  7. Know what you are up for, acquire the knowledge of the tiller to control it properly.
  8. Do not ignore the safety manual that comes along with the tiller.
  9. Use authentic accessories for more extended service.
  10. Be aware while tilling near trees, fences, or any other obstacles.

Bottom Line

By using the suited tiller, you can enjoy the entire tilling process. Hope, this guide about the best tiller for breaking new ground may able to ignite your acquaintance. Choose the absolute one based on your garden’s requirements and start planting in no time.

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