Best Manual Lawn Edger-Reviews & Buying Guide (2022)

What is the best way of giving an appealing look to your yard? How can one maintain their lawn perfectly in an affordable way? Unequivocally, the most authentic answer to both these questions is the best manual lawn edger.

A perfect manual lawn edger helps you give a clean, streamlined, and appealing look to your yard’s border. It separates the lawn from the sidewalk driveway making a defined and clear edge better than any other lawnmowers or whippers. It axes damage that the grass spread could cause to your yard.

However, it’s tricky process to find out the best manual lawn edger. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. After researching many models out there, we have come up with the 6 best manual lawn edgers along with an all-inclusive buyer’s guide.


Best Manual Lawn Edger-Reviews in 2022



Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger
*Lenght: 48 inches
*Weight: 3.83 pounds
*Resistant:Optimum ratio of resistance

Radius Garden 206 Pro Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger
Radius Garden 206 Pro Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger
*Lenght: 39 inches
*Weight: 3.5 pounds
*Resistant:Optimum ratio of resistance
*O-handle grip

Garden Weasel Edge ChopperGarden Weasel Edge Chopper*Lenght: 38 inches
*Weight: 3 pounds
*Resistant:Optimum ratio of resistance
*T-shaped handle grip

Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite Ergonomic Carbon Steel Edger
*Lenght: 40. 25 inches
*Weight: 3.64 pounds
*Resistant:Optimum ratio of resistance
*O-handle grip

Fiskars 36 Inch Long Handle Swivel Grass Shears
*Lenght: 36 inches
*Weight: 2 pounds
*Resistant:Some cutting resistance
*One-hand repetitive grip

Yard Butler Aerator
*Lenght: 37 inches
*Weight: 3.72 pounds
*Resistant:Pneumatic Rust Resistant
*Cushionsimple rubberized grip

Related image What are the common types of manual lawn edger?

Standard Edger: It is the most common type of lawn edger with a simplistic design. These edger may have V-shaped or half-moon shaped blades. For a huge amount of weeds and grassroots, the V-shaped blade is the best.

Rotary Edger: One side of this edger has a wheel to help allow you to walk in your desired path, and the other side has a rotary blade on to edge trough. It is physically less intensive yet works fine along the sidewalks and driveways.

Spade Lawn Edgers: These edger more leverage with stepping surfaces. They can have either a square or a rectangular shaped broad-edged blade. The longer blade is handy for very efficient sizeable edging.

How to choose the best manual lawn edger: Choose the best manual lawn edger following our buyer’s guide.

Edger Blade: The serrated and broad-edged blades are the most popular nowadays. The V-shaped or half-moon shaped and rotary blade gained popularity as well.

Angled Edger: For beveled edging, some models with different depth settings can be angled.

Edger Shaft:35 to 40 inches long shafts are ideal. Longer shafts give superior performance for tall users.


Maintaining your manual lawn edger

  • Use the lawn edger while it is clean and sharp
  • Clean it after every use
  • Use sand as a bucket to move the blade on it for removing the soil
  • Store safely

Large & Wide Blade: The longer and broad-edged bled is handy for very efficient sizeable edging.

Blade Design Suited for your Yard: For a huge amount of weeds and grassroots, the V-shaped blade is the best. A rotary blade works fine being less intensive. A square or a rectangular shaped blade is for sizeable edging.

Durable Blade & Handle Materials: The stainless steel made blade is more durable than other material made blades. For handles, the ergonomic wooden handles with the dual-handle design are best.


Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger



When you are tall, and you want efficient cutting with a lengthy and well-constructed manual lawn edger, then the Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger would be the best pick for you. It is 48 inches in length, yet weighs at only 3.83 pounds.

It possesses heavy-duty D-grips and the heads to have a clear-coated finish of gray-steel to ensure ultimate strength and durability.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:

  • Comes with American ash and lacquered style 48-inch handle
  • Offers the reliable D-grips superior gripping
  • Heads possess a clear-coated finish of gray-steel
  • Features silicone spray-coated garden hose and spray clean
  • One of truper’s best-selling tool in the market
  • It is backed by a ten-year free-replacement warranty



  • Very sturdy heads construction and comfortable wooden handle
  • Offers straight ends and needs low-maintenance
  • There is no pollution issue
  • Doesn’t allow the edge to chip creating a radius on the edge
  • It works faster and less hard on the back
  • Most value for the money as it is cheap



  • There is extensive physical exertion in this edger
  • Customers claim lots of blisters issue


As this edger is quite lengthy, it is most suitable for tall people. You can use this edger very efficiently if you are tall. Besides, it takes very low-maintenance, so if you are willing to pay less maintenance, this is also the right tool for you.


Radius Garden 206 Pro Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger

Radius Garden 206 Pro Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger




This one is constructed using super-strong stainless steel. You can use it as a shovel, weed killer or even as a fork. It offers easy maintenance and superior balance with its ergonomic design handle. It performs even better than the single wheel lawn edger or a gas-powered lawn edger.

The overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon proves its superiority. We assure you, this manual lawn edger tool could be your best lawn edger under $100.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:Radius Garden 206 Pro Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger

  • The edger height is about 39 inches
  • It weighs 3.5 pounds with heavy-duty material
  • Features super-strong stainless steel blade
  • The shaft is made of resin-encased carbon steel
  • A half-moon shaped edging tool
  • Comes with an extra-wide elevated forward step
  • It is backed by a lifetime manufacturer guarantee


  • Very durable stainless steel construction
  • The shaft is very handy for efficiency
  • Extremely comfortable ergonomic design O-handle grip
  • Suitable for all irrespective of height
  • Thermoplastic grip ensured
  • Stress and fatigue-free grip


  • Doesn’t arrive fully sharp and doesn’t hold the edge well
  • It may rust if you left it unattended


It is perfect for you if your priority is optimal digging safety and superior performance in an affordable lawn edger.It makes work easy and its overall construction balance ensures the safety of the user providing superior gripping comfort and balance.


Garden Weasel Edge Chopper


Garden weasel manual lawn edger



The Garden weasel man9e5f699b6ual lawn edger proves how the simplest design may bring out the best frequently. It has a height of 38 inches and it weighs only 3 pounds. Therefore, there is a perfect balance between the weight and the height of this edger.

This multipurpose lawn edger allows pain-free and easy foot movement to produce neat edges. We consider this as the best step lawn edger.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:

best manual lawn edger

  • Fully welded steel construction
  • This manual edger has a super-strong carbon steel blade
  • The shaft is made out of resin-encased carbon steel
  • Comes with an ergonomically designed-shaped handle grip
  • Features a unique and functional overall design
  • Comes with extended elevated footplate


best manual lawn edger

  • Very versatile a lawn edger
  • It is stable irrespective of any weather; weather-resistant
  • Made anti-rust with welded steel
  • Suitable for almost everyone irrespective of height
  • Offers superior foot placement
  • Fatigue free grip and very easy to use
  • No bending lawn edger



  • It is not perfect for large lawns
  • Customers complain that it may make task monotonous

The step edger is perfect for superior foot placement throughout the whole yard. This lawn edger tool has a rear extended elevated footplate that enables the user edge perfectly with increased advantages. Besides, it is lightweight as well.


Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite Ergonomic Carbon Steel Edger



The Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite Carbon Steel Edger is yet another extra-wide, lightweight, and no bending manual lawn edger. Its donut handle is something that makes it stand out compared to other products of its kind.

The ergonomically designed lengthy handle with its superior built quality suffices to make one of the top six best manual lawn edgers. It’s a complete package with sturdy metal, longer handle, and the best grip.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite Ergonomic Carbon Steel Edger

  • The edger blade is made from carbon steel
  • It is about 40. 25 inches long
  • The balked of the edger is about 9 x 5 inches
  • Ergonomic style and O-handle
  • Comes with a unique fiberglass shaft
  • The manufacturer backs it with a lifetime warranty



  • Very sturdy metal construction
  • No metal bending issue and full safety
  • Ultra-superior grip with ergonomically friendly O-handle
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Works amazing for low voltage cabling
  • Perfect for heavy-duty digging tasks
  • Makes the most of the money



  • Doesn’t hold the edge longer and may feel dull
  • Not suitable for cutting through weedy grass


This one is perfect for creating a deep sharp edge in an economical way in your yard. This heat-treated manual lawn edger with a fiberglass shaft allows making the most in heavy-duty digging tasks irrespective of the sidewalks.


Fiskars 36 Inch Long Handle Swivel Grass Shears




It is an amazingly designed innovative product of Fiskars. When you are looking for a lightest yet quality lawn edger, there is literally no competitor of Fiskars 36 Inch Long manual lawn edger. It weighs only 2 pounds!

It makes trimming and cutting the ornamental grasses easier than ever before with its long shaft and swivel blades. The blade is fully hardened steel and the handle possesses ergonomic design.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:Fiskars 36 Inch Long Handle Swivel Grass Shears

  • The blade is made from fully hardened precision-ground steel
  • Lightweight and long shaft made from aluminum
  • Ergonomically designed one-hand repetitive grip
  • The blade is designed to swivel 360 Degrees
  • The full lifetime warranty backs it up



  • Durable steel constructed blade
  • Very simple yet innovative edge
  • Extremely lightweight
  • It cuts effectively in one pass
  • Very easy trimming with 360-degree swivel
  • The long shaft adds extra comfort
  • Very easy and comfortable grip



  • The edger is a bit slow and takes a long time
  • Sometimes the unit may jam and you may notice do-over


It is perfect for those who are looking for a no bending long shaft in an extremely lightweight manual lawn edger.  Besides, it is one of the best back and knee saver ever available in the market. You can depend on it as a trusted back and knee saver.


Yard Butler Aerator



The Yard butler aerator is one of the most reliable, heavy-duty, and sturdiest manual lawn edgers in this list. It comes with a spade shape footer to nip inside the soil at ease. The hardened steel made rounded blade is another advantage when you want accurate cutting along your yard.

The comfortable handler and its 37 inches long are capable of giving optimal comfort to any type of user.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:Yard butler aerator

  • Comes with a durable steel construction
  • Well-crafted for spot core aeration
  • The foot bar is equipped with study materials
  • The hardened steel made blade is rounded and curved
  • T-style coated and cushioned rubberized grip
  • It is backed by a lifetime guarantee



  • Very handy, durable, and smooth blade
  • It cuts very fast along the lawn with versatility
  • Very comfortable cushioned grips
  • There is no blisters and back pain issue
  • The design is very attractive and one of the most loved
  • Affordable and suitable for almost everyone



  • Takes heavy effort while edging
  • It is not that effective on compact and dry clay


The Yard butler aerator is suitable for extracting cores on small yards. If you have a small yard, there is no compact clay issue; besides you want an edger that is comparatively heavy duty, you should go for this lawn edger. We assure you the satisfaction with its amazing spot core aeration.


Related image Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Do You Need A Lawn Edger?

To do your yard work efficiently, and to maintain a clean sidewalk, you will need a handy lawn edger.

Electric Edger Vs. Gas Edger: Which Is Better?

A gas edger is more powerful, easy to start, work smoothly, and work faster and provides precise cuts than an electric lawn edger.

What About Manual Lawn Edgers?

The manual lawn edgers are very effective for cutting or trimming the lawn to make a clear distinction line between your lawn and sidewalks.

What is the cost of a lawn edger?

Some lawn edgers cost less than $100 while one will cost around $200. Some models cost more than $500.

Can I sharpen the lawn edger blades?

Yes, you can sharpen it using a sharpening file precisely. The fastest way is to use an angle grinder or a bench grinder.

Does the size of the edger matter?

Yes, a bigger size ensures faster cutting experience. Some lawn requires small size and some require a bigger size.

Is that possible to adjust the height of my lawn edger?

Yes, you can adjust the height and length in some models as per your comfort and preference.

How to Edge  Yard with Using a Manual Lawn Edger?

  1. Mark the ground
  2. Set the edger on the line
  3. Shake the edger for cutting exposed roots and loosening the dirt

When should you choose a powered lawn edger?

For more powerful and two or four-cycle engines, precise and quicker cuts in the big yard you should choose a powered one.

Why You Should Choose Manual Over Powered Edgers?

In the low budget, for small and needs occasional edging you should choose manual.

How Often Should You Edge Your Lawn?

You can edge your lawn once a year or you can do it every other week when your lawn grows faster.

Related image How to choose the best manual lawn edger?

Head: Look for clear-coated stainless steel made ahead for optimal results. A stainless steel head is durable and anti-rust. Besides, it ensures precision cutting.

Carbon steel is very durable and withstands damage easily. While the powder-coated steel stands rust and corrosion.

Shaft: The carbon-steel made resin-encased shaft is always more preferable to others. The handle and head need to be equipped with quality hardware.

Moreover, the long shafts are important for easy edging. The idea height if a shaft is 35 to 40 inches.

Handle: Usually, the best manual lawn edgers have ergonomic wooden handles. However, the dual-handle design, T-shaped, and O-shaped handle are also important for superior control, comfort, and maximum grip.

Grip: For maximum grip, choose a model with a unique O-shape or T-shape handle. You may also choose one with the grippy handlebar covers.

Inexpensive: Usually, all the manual lawn edgers are inexpensive. There is no hassle of expensive accessories, oil, or gasoline at all.

Low Maintenance: Choose one that requires a little maintenance. For beginners, little maintenance is very necessary. It allows focusing on edging instead of maintaining the edger.

Easy To Store: You cannot just put your manual lawn edger outside when you are not edging for a long time. Choose one that is easily storable.

Eco-Friendly: For the ultimate benefit and an environment-friendly yard, you have to choose a lawn edger that is eco-friendly.

Zero Noise: Some housing society may not allow noise. Besides, it is not convenient for your health and working process as well. Choose one with zero noise.

Warranty: Warranty ensures reliability and safeguards your investment. Therefore, it is wise to buy a lawn edger with a warranty, even if it is not lengthy.


Wrapping Up

To get done with your yard work and to maintain an environment-friendly and appealing yard, you will need a perfect manual lawn edger tool.

We have brought together the 6 best manual lawn edgers available in the market…

We believe, with our comprehensive reviews and buyer’s guide, you would be able to get the best manual lawn edger for you easily.


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