Top 5 Best Grow Box For Beginners in 2022 [Automated Grow Kits]

Best Grow Box For Beginners is a self-sufficient, possesses all the ingredients needed to grow plants and fully controlled system of growing plants. Since it is free from the influences of nature, it allows growing plants faster than ever before and throughout the year. Moreover, you do not have to come across any soil, water, or pests or disease problems.

Besides, be it indoor soil grow box or outdoor horticulture, who doesn’t want to get things done properly and at ease? Grow box is one of those tools, which you need for an easy-peasy, well-controlled, and thriving growing environment, irrespective of situations. Grow what you want, when you and how you want; technically, you are in full control.

It is true that, when you want efficiency guaranteed in an affordably easy grow box, you have to choose it very carefully with your eyes open. Do not worry! Here we are to help you deal with choosing the best grow box for beginners.


Best Grow Box for Beginners in 2022



VIVOSUN 48"x48"x80" 


Complete LED Grow Tent Kits for Soil    


Gorilla Grow Tent 4x4

1680D Reflective

Topogrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent


Mars Hydro Grow Tent



The purpose of this segment is to give you insights into the best grow boxes for beginners, be it complete hydroponic grow kits or best soil grow boxes, thus helping you choose the best grow box.


How Does a Grow Box Work?

A grow cabinet produces an environment that is relatively the same as the things produced by Nature. However, here you will have more control over the humidity, light, and other factors, as everything will be enclosed in one tiny box.

These Grow Box weed allow you to control every part of growing weed, from the ventilation to the light and the water. So you do not need to rely on the weather in order to harvest a healthy environment for your plants. Here no need to worry about bugs or diseases too.

What You Need For A Grow Box

Grow boxes come already assembled with all the equipment you required to grow weed inside. Still there are a variety of grow boxes available, which most come with the same tools, these are:

  • Intake and exhaust fan for ventilation
  • Grow lights to encourage photosynthesis (usually LED, HID, or CFL)
  • Hydroponics or soil system
  • Nutrients
  • Air pump
  • Water reservoir
  • Growing pots or containers
  • Timer

*** There are also other grow boxes available where can include features like a CO2 enhancer to increase plant growth by 20% or more

lock latches for keeping plants protected,

app for tracking plants, and many more.

It seems like an awesome amount of equipment, and most grow boxes are automated and work for you, so you do not have to worry too much about how the specific parts operate.

Basically you have to choose what type of lights you want and choose between a hydroponic and soil-based system. And need to consider the size of the grow box according to where you plan to put it.


HID, LED , and CFL.

Each type has its pros and cons, it should be chosen depends on your budget, length of your yields, and the energy you want to use.

Pros and Cons

HID (HPS and MH)– highest yields, cheaper than LEDs. They harvest a lot of heat and need power, need replacing frequently.

CFL– low-priced, less heat output, slower growth rate, and less yields than HID and LEDs.

LED– low heat output than HIDs, less energy use, more powerful than CFLs, less yield than HIDs, exclusive.


1.VIVOSUN 48″x48″x80″




As a beginner, very often you may wonder how to set up or assemble the equipment of grow box. When this is your concern, the VIVOSUN 48″x48″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic grow tent comes handy to help you out. With its very fast and easy installation system, is has gained popularity within no time. Therefore, it could be top pick for beginners indeed.

Besides, it comes complete with its ultra-advanced features, e.g., it is sturdy, extra thick and light proof or keeps everything inside. Last but not the least, you can have a very clear look at your plants through the observation window at ease, and the thermometer/humidity reading display is considerably big enough to provide comfort while reading.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:

  • Offers lightning blocking feature, so keeps all the light inside
  • It’s very thick; comes complete with the 340g oxford material
  • The ventilation opening system is dual-layer
  • Has light-proof zipper function
  • Features floor tray
  • 4-step easy and fast installation
  • Very easy access to the plants because of its smooth unzipping system
  • Sturdiness is at its best
  • Comes handy with its complete tool organizing system
  • Large digital display for thermometer/humidity reading
  • Comes complete with everything needed
  • Quality ensured by DIVISION


  • Easy and fast set up; takes only about 10-12 minutes
  • Reflective inside
  • Lightproof materials
  • Tear-proof 340g oxford
  • Dual-layer ventilation system
  • Floor tray system included
  • Durability guaranteed
  • Quite a sturdy stand up system
  • Includes everything
  • Affordable


  • The visibility from the observation window is quite awkward or distorted
  • Corners connectors feel a bit fussy
  • Not enough duct portholes


It is most preferable for people who want to grow more. It has a very spacious growing space and it is affordable.  Moreover, it offers easy observation on the plants; beginners may find ease using it. Just buy, and grow more with efficiency.


2.Complete LED Grow Tent Kits for Soil  



If you are looking for a grow box that will ensure better growth and will yield more, you may, without any hesitation, go for the Complete LED Grow Tent Kits for Soil. It is well researched that lights play very crucial role in a grow box, and LED lights is a blessing for that. They help the plans grow to the fullest.

The Complete LED Grow Tent Kits for Soil comes complete with the LEDs and ensure better growth and eventually, better yield. To add to its credibility, it also offers air filter, 6” fan, combo and ducting. Considering all these it can be considered a best soil grow box.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:

  • Comes complete with full and very effective LED lights
  • Features better color uniformity compared to normal LEDs
  • The grow tent is 96% reflective, which is very a rare nowadays
  • 600D Light proof and tear proof tent, which is diamond mylar based
  • Features air filter, 6-inch fan with full package of combo and ducting
  • Well-constructed and double zippers to stand against any kind of leakes
  • Comes complete with energy saving feature and better ecosystem function
  • Packs discreet package and three boxes, which are separated


  • Super strong for the 32x32x63
  • Easy set up
  • Made from heavy duty quality material
  • Full spectrum LEDs used, so fast growth and better yield guaranteed
  • Full light and tear proof zippers, so light stays inside
  • CO2 pads
  • Inexpensive but offers all the necessary grow box kits


  • No proper Instructions included
  • You may have troubles adjusting the light hanger
  • The fan is a bit loud


The Complete LED Grow Tent Kits for Soil is the best pick for beginners. It offers full spectrum LDS that helped the plants to grow faster and yield more. Side by side, its installation process is very easy. Therefore, beginners can depend on it.


3.Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4



The Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4 has been known widely for its adjustable feature. It is somewhat rare to have a feature like this in an affordable grow tent. If you want, you can increase its height up to 2X to secure your plants’ fast and better growth.

Apart from this, it is super reflective of using advanced technology. Another thing that makes it stand out compared to the mainstream is its safety function. It ensures high security, so takes care of safety. Beginners can depend on it fully considering all these features. This is the best weed grow box .Put simply, it is preferable for its complete package.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:

  • Height adjustable feature; can be extended up to 2X
  • Heavy duty diamond reflective walls, which are 1680D and 3-9X thicker compared to other grow boxes in the market
  • Cooler fans runs and adjusts well for easy movements
  • Features high quality materials built poles
  • On larger sizes poles can hold a maximum of 500lbs
  • It features 360-degree and very convenient access to the plants
  • Light and tear proof zippers
  • Includes pest control pre-filters


  • Keeps environment sealed and contained to the most
  • Lots of spaces to grow plants
  • Plants can grow free and easily because of height adjustable feature
  • Very thin compared to others
  • The canvas is very heavy
  • 360-degree easy access
  • Steps up with advanced safety technology


  • Doesn’t fit into smaller spaces; very big
  • Consumers complain about the price
  • The seams are not properly sewn

It is a best option for maximum safety and security. Besides, it can be extended up to 2X. Therefore, plants that grow very high can fit into it easily. If you want to grow such plants, want best security system, the Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4 will come to your list first.


4.Topogrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent



It is another revolutionary product of TopoGrow, which comes with full spectrum LDSs to ensure your comfort and satisfaction for growing plants. The 32″X32″X63″ Grow Tent offers 300W LED light with light and tear proof features.

Most importantly, the tent is 100% and highly reflective, which is a biggest blessing for growers. This is the reason it has been so popular over the years, especially to the beginners. It also fits in smaller spaces so for hobbyists, it is a preferred option as well.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:

  • Product dimension is 33.5 x 15.24 x 10.98 inches
  • Weighs only 39.3 pounds but made from heavy duty metals
  • 300W LEDs with 120W of actual power to ensure the best of plants
  • The 32″X32″X63″ Grow Tent is guaranteed 100% reflective with diamond mylar
  • The heavy duty zippers stand against any kind of leaks
  • Another big advantage is- it comes with 4-ichh fan and air filter
  • Installed carbon allows 100% filtered airflow
  • Features multiple vents, three separated boxes and discreet package


  • Faster growth and better yield
  • 100% reflective tent for better growth
  • Great ventilation system
  • Water and light proof zippers give easy access to the tent
  • Fits very well in smaller spaces
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Easy installation with instructions
  • Totally worth the money


  • Cooling fans make loud noise
  • Some complains about leaking issues
  • Not a good option if you want to grow more


It could be the top pick for various stages of plant growing, germination, seedling, veg, flower etc. It is also best for beginners and hobbyist and for people who have a very little space to grow, because it can fit into a very little space easily.


5.Mars Hydro Grow Tent


Another diy automated grow box, which is very affordable and fits very well with the hobbyists, newbie or beginners. In fact, this automated grow room is designed for the beginners. Another interesting fact about this grow tent is it allows you to observe your plants at ease.

It is highly reflective and possesses double stitched 1680D canvas. It packs lots of advanced features making it durable and reliable. If you are looking for an affordable grow box, which is durable as well, you have the Mars Hydro Grow Tent as your top pick.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures:

  • Total dimension is 48″x48″x80″
  • Highly reflective diamond mylar and 1680D double stitched canvas
  • Light and tear proof heavy duty zippers
  • Stable metals used to make it durable
  • Features special window that allows you to see your plants inside
  • Offers removable and water proof tray
  • 30-day unconditional refund back by MARS HYDRO for any technical defaults
  • Features ducting, multiple vents and fans
  • It is very stealthy so fits indoor and at any place very easily


  • Durability guaranteed
  • Full spectrum LED lights
  • A lot of input/output holes
  • Mesh viewing window allows easy observation
  • Canvas is much thicker
  • Zippers are very sturdy
  • Lots of space inside to grow more
  • Very stealthy, fits anywhere
  • Very clear 4-step installation instruction, so easy to set up
  • Lightweight compared to others of its kind


  • Lots of consumers claim light leaking issue all along the zippers seems
  • There are some pinholes here and there
  • Flimsy frame


It is best for various environments, be it a kitchen, balcony, living room, or closet. You can place it anywhere. Besides, hobbyist or people who want a stealthy grow box can choose it. Its easy installation system makes it a good pick for beginners as well.


Related image Types of Grow box

Now it is time to know about the types of grow boxes. You may find two types of grow box. One of them uses soil and the other does not. Technically, this is the main difference between these two kinds.


  1. Soil-Based Grow Box: Soil-based grow box offers the chance to grow naturally, but it has some problems like the traditional horticulture system. So comes with various problems. While in best hydroponic grow box
    , you have full control in a controlled environment.

        Pros of soil grow box                                                

  • Natural
  • Better taste or flavor
  • Unlimited plants

       Cons of soil grow box

  • Needs more space
  • More costly
  • Soil, water, pests problems
  • Improper control over nutrients as it is spacious


  1. Hydroponics Grow Box: Hydroponic grow box offers better growth, yields, and fewer problems being fully controlled by its self-sufficient functioning.

      Pros of hydroponic grow box

  • Free from natural influences
  • Fully controlled
  • Grows 12 months
  • Full control over nutrients
  • Better growth
  • Better yield
  • No soil, water, pests problem
  • Saves space

     Cons of Hydroponics grow box

  • Limited plants
  • Can costs a lot
  • Technical problems
  • Not so organic


Other than this classification, grow boxes can be divided in two more types based on their functions:

  1. Fully automated
  2. Non-automated

Related imageKey Factors to Consider When Buying a grow box

Your preference matters the most. Therefore, amongst the best grow boxes, you just need the one that matches your needs and preferences as well. For that to happen, you have to look for some requirements to ensure that you get the right one.

The purpose of this segment is to help you learn what to search, compare, and consider while buying a grow box.

Grow Lights: Technically, it is the most important thing to look for while buying a grow box. Better yield and faster growth depend on the lighting system to a great extent.

All the grow boxes come with lights, but varies in the types of lights. Usually, they possess HID, LED, T5, or CFLs. The most important thing to look at is what kind of light your concerned grow box has; lights that feature a longer spectrum is the first priority if you want better growth and yield. Research shows:

  • CFLs are cheap but not effective for better yields.
  • While LEDs are a bit costly but come with a longer spectrum, so helps the plants to yield more.
  • The best tag goes for HID. It costs less than LEDs, but yields the best, grows the best.

Therefore, this part is very much tricky and important.

Plug and Play feature: If you are a beginner or novice and looking for the best grow box for beginners, probably, to look for a plug and play grow box is the most important thing for you.

Besides, be a new grower or expert, when you do not want to face the difficulties of setting up or collecting equipment, rater you just want to start growing. You have to buy a grow box that comes complete with all the necessary equipment or supplies.

Size: It is one of the key factors of choosing quality to grow boxes. Note that quality and affordable grow box does not have a specific size. Rather it depends on your needs. If you have a little space, get one with a comparatively smaller size. Nevertheless, the drawback is, if later you want to grow more, you will not be able to. Therefore, consider your needs and size at once.

Accommodation Capacity: Definitely you do not want to buy a grow box that is costly but accommodates less than what you want to grow. So the capacity of a grow box is very significant to look for. Just make sure they grow box you are buying can accommodate that many plants that you want to grow. Maintain the ratio of price and accommodation rate.

Stealthy grow box: Sometimes you want your grow box to blend in with your indoor or existing furniture. It looks good and feels good, especially, for beginners. Therefore, for stealth, you need something dark or relatively smaller, that can easily blend in. Besides, grow boxes that features locking system can be your priority.

Design: It matters nothing to those who only wants quality. However, if you are selective or stylish and want to use for a long time, you have to consider the gravity of design. There are so many brans and models out there. Some of the models ensure best quality with artistic design as well. They will give you the comfort you need along with super comfort and durability. Therefore, choose the one that looks attractively amazing to you.

Safety: It is an easy guess that you will not be around of your grow box all the times. Therefore, it must be safely designed to prevent it from any kind of sudden unwanted occurrences. Know about its electrical function and know public reviews, too. We recommend safety precaution as a must for the best grow box for beginners.

Budget: Budget or cost is one of the key factors to consider. If your budget is low and you are a beginner, you may prefer small but high quality grow box. If you do so, you will get quality ensured and be able to grow at ease. Eventually, it will help you for your cause.

On the other hand, if you have a big budget, you can afford a big one with advanced features. This will last long and serve better for long run.

Others: Check out the air and carbon filter, ventilation system, hydroponic infusion, carbon dioxide system and water filter system as well.

Buy one adhering to our buying guide. We assure you, you will make the most of your money.


Related imageFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have taken it for granted that, the frequently asked questions include some of the questions that you need answers, too. This FAQ section may help you to a great extent.

  1. How does a hydroponic grow box work?

A hydroponic grow box is placed indoor and grows plants without soil. To put simply, it is a box, made using special equipment, which allows plants to grow in a fully controlled environment using a nutrient mixed solution in place.

Every hydroponic grow box contains lightning system to provide the plants with proper light that the need to produce oxygen and glucose. The nutrient solutions contain every ingredient (nitrogen, iron, boron, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium etc.) maintain the exact ratio.

A pump gets the solution directly to plants roots resulting in better growth and yield.

  1. Are grow boxes worth it?

Yes, grow boxes worth it. Traditional or soil based horticulture involves so many problems, e.g., natural calamities, water problems, soil problems, pests or diseases and so on. On the other hand, an automated grow box comes complete being self-sufficient. It includes every ingredients needed to grow plants.

Most importantly, they are free from natural influences. So just put your seeds in, and grow faster grow more grow 12 months. Therefore, indeed they worth it.

  1. Do tomatoes grow better in pots or in the ground?

Fortunately, one can grow tomatoes both in pots and ground providing taken care of properly. If right amount of fertilizers are mixed while planting in soil, tomatoes will result in better yield. Side by side, you have to provide fertilizer time to time to make sure plants get what they need.

The same goes for planting in pots. Tomatoes can thrive in pots as well. A pot or container worth of 60 liters will add to it. If you use slowly discharging nutrients at first, you will not need to provide any more fertilizer. This is the basic working process.

  1. How can i choose quiet and good price exhaust fan for a 4’x2’x5’ grow box?

Actually, depending on grow box’s size, the CFM rating of fans varies. For a 4’x2’x5’ grow box a fan of 80-20 CFM may do the job very well. A fan of more than 190 CFM will create some troubles.  These two can be quite and good price exhaust fan for a 4’x2’x5’ grow box:

  • Active Air 4″ 165 CFM In line Duct Fan – Plant lighting Hydroponics
  • Phat 12×4 200 CFM Carbon Filter – Plant lighting Hydroponics

It is also recommended that choose an exhaust fan that is not too small. Rather, you can use a fan of 440 CFM with a controller; it is more helpful indeed.

  1. What is a self-watering grow box?

A self-watering grow box is designed in a way that it supplies the water need itself. It possesses to containers; one contains soil and the other, put under the soil contained one, contains water. A wick plays the most important part in there by transferring the water to the upper one from the one under it. This is why it is called a self-watering grow box.

  1. How do you make a grow box?

It is not that tough to make a grow box. You can make one in your home, even using cheap material. To make a grow box, you just need to arrange four types of systems or equipment.

  • The frame or structure of the grow box. It needs to be strong enough to hold the equipment inside
  • Lightning or heat sources for plants
  • Ventilation or air circulation and air filter systems
  • Covering materials (to prevent the heat from going out)
  1. How to build a grow box step by step?

You can make a grow box very easily by following some steps. Here are the steps:

  • Create a basic frame or housing for the grow box
  • Use sealing materials to seal the other surfaces
  • Arrange lightning system in the light room
  • Arrange ventilation systems in the light room
  • Set up lightening system in grow chamber
  • Ventilation system in grow chamber
  • Finally set them all up
  1. What are homemade grow box ideas?

You can make both the DIY automated grow box or grow box in your home. You can find some stuffs very easily in your home to make a grow box. It is like a piece of cake. Just follow the cheap indoor grow setup system.

  • You can use smaller size PVC pipes to make the frame
  • Duct tapes to make the frame heat proof
  • For the lightning system, you can use LED lights
  • Set up ventilation system.

9.  Is the grow box completely assembled upon delivery?

Yes. The box comes fully assembled.


Related image Grow Box Maintenance

It is crystal clear that you are looking for the best grow box on the market . Nevertheless, it is very significant that a grow box is taken care of or maintained properly.  It does not matter whether you are a beginner or expert; the procedures are same as follows:

  • Make sure the plants are getting proper amount of nutrients, e.g. nitrogen, iron, boron, calcium, sulfur and all other ingredients of nutrients.
  • Make sure there exists exact PH value or in normal range; nothing less, nothing more. Otherwise, it may lead to anything devastating.
  • Make sure the lightening system works properly. For a desired result, it needs to function adhering light balance of a day’s different times and light ratio.
  • Make sure the plants can grow to their exact direction without facing any kind of obstacles. If they face any obstacle while growing towards their nature direction, it will hamper their growth rate.
  • Make sure the temperature remains normal. Know the nature of your plants and provide with proper range of temperature. Anything more than needed will result in crop failure.
  • Humidity is as important as temperature. So keep the balance in steady hands.
  • Make sure your air supplying equipment works properly at all times.
  • Water supply must be kept secured, so that, in a hydroponic grow box, the pumps get water easily.



Grow boxes, both hydroponic grow box and soil grow box, made our plants growing impulse a bit more easy to work out. Grow boxes are indeed a blessing for plants growers.

However, the tricky and most important part is choosing the right grow box for the desired result. We tried to guide you get the best grow box for beginners among the best. Therefore, while buying one, follow our guide to ensure affordability, durability and efficiency. Hope this article has been a help for you.

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