10 Must-Watch Best Gardening Youtube Channels

Gardening is both a hobby and a profession for many. If you are looking for some YouTube channels with gardeners, then this blog post is perfect for you! We have compiled the 10 must-watch gardening youtube channels that we think every gardener should be following.

dreamscapesgardeningBest Gardening Youtube Channels

Food Gardening Youtube Channels

1.  Edible Acres

Utilizing the knowledge and experience of a permaculture gardener, Edible Acres will show you how to garden in small spaces. They offer their services for classes as well as consulting.

Their YouTube channel has over 200 videos with topics ranging from seasons, soils, composting techniques and more! If you’re looking for some videos on permaculture, Edible Acres has a great series of them.

Edible Acres is an organization that provides educational services and training to help gardeners in small spaces, container gardens or large plots maintain sustainable gardening practices and techniques.


2.Container Gardening

The videos are not just for the gardeners out there, but also provide insight to those who want a better understanding of plant life.

This channel features over 800 instructional videos about gardening in containers and small spaces as well as how-to’s on planting flowers and vegetables from seedlings. This YouTube account has had more than 34 million views .

This YouTube account has had more than 34 million views since it was created on March 18, 2012.

The gardeners over at GardenLine have been posting instructional videos about various gardening issues for more than five years and their YouTube channel proves it.


3.The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni

A lot of people don’t know how to garden because they are afraid they will mess up. James is a gardener who has the answer for them. He believes that anyone can learn and his enthusiasm about gardening is contagious!

His videos include tutorials on various methods of gardening, such as starting an organic backyard garden (so you won’t have to buy produce anymore) and how to grow your own food.


4.Terrace Garden Channel

Top 5 Rose Gardening Secret Tips | Best Fertilizer For Rose Plant &   Care Tips


In this video He shows you rose gardening secrets tips for more blooms and organic fertilizer for rose plants & Rose care tips .

Please watch till end unto know all about Rose Care Tips

I Hope you enjoy this video.

Best youtube gardening channels on how to care for roses and plant them. It also has tips about what things can be added to your garden in this dry weather.


5.Gardening is my Passion

Fastest growing method of Coriander ! No one told you before


Tips:harvest only in 25 days in place of usual 45 days.

This is the best youtube channel for gardening. This youtube channel will show you tips, tricks and secrets to growing roses at home. You can subscribe this youtube channels by clicking on Subscribe button below video


6.Garden Tips

5 Shocking Gardening Ideas Gardening Ideas And Secret Questions Answered | Garden Tips


In this Gardening Video, You will see to reveal 5 shocking and interesting answers to gardening ideas and questions.

All FAQs, Facts and Myths have been  answered based on garden and botany science.

So you have started a new garden and now it’s time to get all the tools ready for planting. But there are many different choices, so what is best? What do I need in order to start my garden?

If you don’t own any gardening equipment right now then here are some basic tools you’ll need for planting.


7.Urban Gardening

Top 8 Easy To Grow Vegetables For Beginners|SEED TO HARVEST

He Has  a compiled a list of the best gardening youtube channels. If you’re looking for gardeners and horticulturists to follow on youtube,

then this is the article for you! The content below will introduce some of our favorite gardening youtube channels.


8.5-Minute Crafts VS

23 Genius Ideas For Your Garden


9.Self Sufficient Me

10 Vegetables You Should ALWAYS Grow


10. Epic Gardening


This channel is run by a gardener named Rich and I’ve learned about all sorts of garden  things from him. He has two channels, one for his native Vancouver (West Coast Gardening) but he also covers the US too!

Here are some tricks they use often in the garden, and it works. Using bottles as a garden cover to explaining why gravel at the bottom of your containers is NOT a good idea, I hope you learn something new in today’s video.


I hope this was helpful.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best gardening YouTube channels.

From basic advice on soil types or how to identify pests, these YouTube stars have all the answers!

If you have any favorites we didn’t mention, please let us know in the comment section below!  Our goal is to create an easily searchable guide for all your favorite gardeners and DIY-ers out there. Stay tuned for more posts about this topic and other great ideas that will help make your outdoor space one of a kind.

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