6 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer [Recommended 2021]

A hedge trimmer is an unavoidable tool to maintain your bushy garden and backyard. Since the people have started caring for their lawns, the importance of best electric hedge trimmer rises accordingly.

Cutting the hedge in your garden, there is no alternatives of electric hedge trimmer, as other trimmers gas or battery powered cannot precisely cut clean, sharp lines like electric hedge trimmer. But how do you know which is perfect ? Unfortunately choosing the perfect one is indeed a tough job.

When looking for the best hedge trimmer to use, this is important to check all the options available and select the right one with features that work well for you.

Though it required the use of horses to power the gears and pull it along, but it cut the hedges, and that in itself was a great feat.

Here, I will share 6 best electric hedge trimmers, so that your hassle of choosing the perfect one gets redeemed. Some essential tips, answers of few frequently asked questions will also be revealed to give you precise insight. So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s dig it!


 6 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer in 2021

ImageNamePower & WeightCutting LengthPrice
Worx Electric Hedge Trimmer*20 V
*7 lbs
3/4-inchCheck Customer Reviews
DEWALT dcht820p1*20 V
*11.5 lbs
3/4-inchCheck Customer Reviews

Craftsman Hedge Trimmer Cordless*20 V
* 8 lbs
3/4-inchCheck Customer Reviews
Husqvarna 115ihd55*40 V
*7.3 lbs
3/5-inchCheck Customer Reviews
Black and Decker Cordless Hedge Trimmer 40v*40 V
*6.9 lbs
3/4-inchCheck Customer Reviews
Greenworks Hedge Trimmer 40v*40 V
*9.2 lbs
5/8-inchCheck Customer Reviews
  1. Worx Electric Hedge Trimmer



Worx WG261 electric hedge trimmer is a compact choice for those who want exact value for money. A supremely well-balanced machine with a longer edge. As the product is only around 5.3lbs of weight, you barely feel a thing while trimming the bushes.

There is no hassle of refueling the machine, no trouble of annoying cords anymore.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Worx Electric Hedge Trimmer

WG261 comes with 20-Volt Lithium-Ion battery which makes it a codeless trimmer. Because of the dual-action cutting blade, the tool works effortlessly. That is why the product induces less vibration while cutting and makes it even more comfortable to hold. By the way, the front handle is ‘D’ shaped.

This tool is even deadlier for the thick branches too as it provides ¾ cutting capacity. Cutting reach is about 22-inches, which is long enough to reach both sides. With a sizeable lightweight design, it offers Power Share technology.



  • It has two safety switches to prevent accidental incidents.
  • The tool uses the same battery to power 20V and 40V.
  • Worx offers three years of factory warranty with this product.
  • 30 Days of satisfaction guarantee is also available.



  • The battery demands frequent charging.


Best value it creates for the users

Among the few best parts of it, the most convenient one is, it has no cord to drag around. You can feel the freedom of cordless trimmer with the effectiveness of sturdy build quality. The rubber grips make shifting around the hedges more comfortable and amusing.


  1. DEWALT dcht820p1



DEWALT is a well-known brand in the market of hedge trimmer. In amazon, the product itself got around seventeen hundred reviews. Any time you can check those ‘best hedge trimmer consumer reports’. So, you can assume the demand for this commodity in the market. In addition to that, this model offers a warranty for three good years.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of DEWALT dcht820p1

The motor that gets powered by a 20V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery is profoundly robust. The trimmer is 22-inches long with a dual cutting action blade. Thus, it produces almost 40% less vibration. Unlike gas-powered trimmer, you don’t have to spend on the fuel; additionally, there is no hurdle of a spark plug.

The five amp-hour battery takes around 3 hours to get charged. Although the runtime of the battery mostly depends on how thick the bushes are, yet it won’t make you wretched with its service time. Overall, DEWALT cordless hedge trimmer comes with a considerably compact design with long-lasting durability.



  • The tool is decently balanced.
  • Light enough for maneuvering it to anywhere.
  • The batteries are interchangeable.



  • Somewhat expensive in comparison to other brands.


Best value it creates for the users

It is onerous to determine the effectiveness of the product without using it. And you don’t need to believe in my best pickings as well. The product’s rating on amazon will rest the case anyway. The product undoubtedly does the work, the way you want it.

As a best commercial hedge trimmer, DEWALT Dcht820p1 will provide you satisfactory service if you maintain it delicately.


  1. Craftsman Hedge Trimmer Cordless



Craftsman cordless trimmer empowers you to cut the hedges even more efficiently. If your budget is around a hundred bucks, then this product can serve your requirements. Wall organization system is from Versa-Track. The material of the blade is steel and cut strokes per minute are 2800. So, you can consider it for long term use.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Craftsman Hedge Trimmer Cordless

The features of Craftsman V20 will put your cerebrum into thinking, that how come this merchandise is that cheap! The blades are 22-inches long and duel cutting technology. With the Power-saw innovation, this device can unbelievably cut any bushes of 1.5 inches thick.

Moderately lightweight and cut capacity is up to 3/4 inches. Full bale handle ensures ultimate comfort for trimming around the branches. The motor gets fueled by high-performance two amp-hour Lithium-Ion battery which can provide the runtime of a whole hour. Manufacturer’s warranty is for about three years.

Ninety days money-back guarantee is also there. Don’t worry, no question will be asked!



  • The battery doesn’t get drained too quickly.
  • Durable design and magnificent appearance are commendable.
  • The tool makes almost no sound.
  • Easy enough to cut even bigger branches.


  • Sometimes you may feel trouble with safety switches while flipping it.


Best value it creates for the users

The blade gap is around 3 to 4 inches, which will aid you to cut the hedges more promptly. By adding up each feature together, the product would nearly be the best deal for you.


  1. Husqvarna 115ihd55


This product is a unique combination of durability and style. Its super-efficient brushless motor executes the job in a timely way for the owner. As this list suggests some best electric hedge trimmer, this one is the most prominent ones.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Husqvarna 115ihd55

Along with some breath-taking features, this hedge trimmer creates sound lower than 90DB. There will be no carbon footprint as its power emanates from the massive 36V battery. Dual-action blade supplies maximum versatility.


Those 22 inches long blades are made of stainless steel. Weight of the product is only 7.3lbs that contains a gearbox as well. The gearbox renders efficient cooling. The trimmer is capable of cutting any bushes and hedges of 3/5 inches thick.

This model from Husqvarna has a telescopic shaft that assures easy height adjustment. It also has an instant starting trait which is accompanied by intuitive keypad. In the shipment of the product, you will also get a charger and battery.

Considerable battery life can be prolonged for ‘save mode’ feature up to 100 minutes. What else more could a concerned owner ask?



  • Save mode feature provides maximum runtime.
  • It has a chic looking design with dynamic blades.
  • Comes with two years of warranty
  • Easy maintenance and enduring build quality.



  • The arms may feel a bit fatigued after a while.


Best value it creates for the users

Husqvarna is surprisingly lighter yet stronger to do the job deftly. With this product, you don’t have to spend most of your day cutting and trimming the hedges because of its maximized power and handy operating system.


  1. Black and Decker Cordless Hedge Trimmer 40v



If you have a backyard or any hobby regarding garden and stuff, then you must have heard about the brand called Black+ Decker. They produce robust electric products that diminish the daily hassle for the people. And their 40V Max cordless hedge trimmer is no exception.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Black and Decker Cordless Hedge Trimmer 40v

The trimmer only takes half the time compared to the other hedge trimmer in the market. Thus, when it is fully charged, you can cover a massive area within less time. The wraparound handle guarantees a comfortable grip as it has soft rubber on it.

24inch dual-action blade generates 40 per cent less vibration. As a result, you can handle the machine effortlessly.

40V Lithium-Ion batteries are interchangeable to produce consistent power supply. With its cutting potential, it can cut through branches that around 3 to 4 inches thick. The 40V energy star rated fast charger takes only 1 hour to get fully charged.




  • The batteries can hold charge five times longer.
  • The steel blades are rust-resistant.
  • This trimmer can trim up to six thousand square feet once it fully charged.
  • Black and Decker’ offers two years of warranty with it.



  • Replacing the battery is somewhat expensive.


Best value it creates for the users

Black and decker hedge trimmer has a powerful motor which enables the machine to reach the cutting strokes limit up to 2400 per minute and can trim up to 6000 square feet per charge. If you want a reliable trimmer within your budget limit, then don’t hesitate to take this.


  1. Greenworks Hedge Trimmer 40v



Greenworks cordless hedge trimmer is suitable for those people who are seeking to simplify the operation than before. A 40V Lithium-Ion battery powers this pole hedge trimmer 2.0. The tool is straightforward to commence and lighter in weight. That is what makes it handy to use in the first place.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Greenworks Hedge Trimmer 40v

Cutting capacity of Greenworks hedge trimmer is massive 5/8 inch which permits comfortable trimming on bushes. The blades are smoothly adjustable in three multiple positions. Even the shaft can be extended up to 6.5 ft. As you can see, this tool is capable of providing all squire performance with its durable design.

The battery of it can decrease the trimming time by boosting the power of the motor. Additionally, it provides adequate running time for average terrains. It takes around one hour to get thoroughly charged.

Because of the rust-free steel blade, the trimmer cuts the branches precisely. Greenworks is arguably one of the best hedge trimmers for thick branches.

3 position pivoting head adjusts blade can  extended reach handle for trimming at many angles



  • Sturdy build quality and engaging look turn it to a desirable piece.
  • It offers secure maneuvering with a comfy grip.
  • Manageable maintenance procedure.
  • The balanced design causes less arm and hand fatigue.


  • The hedge trimmer blades are not replaceable.


Best value it creates for the users

The product offers a massive four years of manufacturer’s warranty form its purchase date. The battery itself comes with two years of warranty. So, there is no way you can ignore its existence in the market.

Related image Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Tiller

A hedge trimmer can significantly lessen your time of trimming and make the job easier. With a heavy-duty electric hedge trimmer, you can put any structure in your garden. Moreover, in today’s age of new lightweight tech, the latest models are cost-effective and accessible.


Here you will find a helpful yet straightforward buying guide underneath that will help you to make your mind.


Image result for BULLET point signCorded or Cordless?

There is quite a verity of option to choose form. It’s all about finding a suitable model within the perfect size to bring a soothing look into your garden. Thus, it keeps getting more intricate for the people who are willing to purchase a new one.

Electric hedge trimmer cordless models are portable to any portion of your lawn. Oppositely, you don’t have to worry about the power limit with a corded hedge trimmer.

Cordless models are somewhat cheaper than the other one. So, decide according to your budget. In my opinion, you can go for STIHL battery hedge trimmer. It’s a small battery hedge trimmer and affordable as well.


Image result for BULLET point signCut Capacity

Whenever you own a trimmer, the cut capacity determines the efficiency of it. In the case of a hedge trimmer, it is no different. But when you have to put extra bucks into it more than usual, then it must be considered.

The blades require proper sharpening from time to time. Cut capacity mostly depends on how sharp the edges are.


Image result for BULLET point signHow Long Is the Cutting Blade?

The length of the blade is vital to determine how much area you will cover at a time.

Suppose, you have an enormous hedge then probably taking a trimmer with longer blades of 500mm or more will be a good alternative.

Oppositely, a smaller fence can be manageable with the blades of around 350mm. It’s all about the requirements of the hedge. You can use a longer blade for smaller hedges as well, yet that wouldn’t be the right choice.


Related image How to Choose the Right Hedge Trimmer



Trimming around the hedge needs adequate balance from the grip. You should analyze each feature that the product is offering. Seek for rotating blades, wraparound handle, and cordless model a stable battery life. All these together will make a fantastic combo for smooth shifting around the fence.

The weight of the product will play a part to reach ultimate satisfaction.


Safety First

Many trimmer models come with dual or triple safety buttons to prevent accidents. In any electric hedge trimmer, this is a must-have feature to ensure absolute safety. After using the machine, it is essential to keep it somewhere safe regardless of how best electric hedge trimmer that is.

Otherwise, the blades of the trimmer may cause severe injuries due to the unconsciousness of the people.


Blade Size and Length

No matter how hard you try, without sharper blades a hedge trimmer nothing but a useless machine. Customary blades will give a precise cut with notably less vibration.

Hedge trimmer blade comes in a variety of sizes, but it usually range from 16-inches to 26-inches for home use.

However, diamond-ground and laser-cut feature are an indicator of sharpness and neat finishing.

Many brands don’t offer these features. As a result, consumers can’t get the best output that they desire. So, before taking one check whether the features are available or not.

I can get smaller blades for hand-held work which is around four to six inches.

****The longer the blade, it will cover coverage and a few times it will take to finish the job.



In favor of an electric hedge trimmer, noise is not an issue. Adversely, a gas-powered trimmer makes huge noise that might cause an irritating point for you and your neighbors also.

Depending on some models of electric trimmer vibration and noise level can vary. As I have already mentioned some best electric hedge trimmer above, you can choose any of those blindfolded.


A long-lasting battery allows for excellent operation without any interruptions.
You always need to know how much runtime left on your charge.

Battery Pack

Choosing an electric cordless trimmer, spare battery packs will give extended runtime for larger jobs



Basically, gas hedge trimmers are costly. Though there are added costs of gasoline, oil, and regular maintenance. People like electric trimmers as these are less expensive with the corded units cheapest of all types.
Sum up the advantages of both types are:

Easy to use



Durability and Warranty

Before taking a purchase decision, we all need to consider the strength and warranty. Because in the market you will get hundreds of models within the different price points. It depends on you that how much you can spend on it.

The highly affordable trimmer can cost only $25 to $30. When you choose a cordless model of any trimmer, the price will hike. Accordingly, the durability of the product depends on it. Usually, most of the models offer one to two years of warranty.

Extension Cord

If your hedge trimmer is far from a power source, you will need extension cords which are long enough to reach them.

Related image Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are some popular frequently asked questions roaming around the net that I have come across. Few of those are mentioned below.


  • What is the difference between hedge trimmers and hedge cutters?

Both of the tools are used for cutting the hedges. As the name suggests, trimmers do the trimming, and a cutter delicately cuts the hedge. At the same time, cutters and trimmers share many characteristics, yet they are not the same.

  • Is it better using a electric hedge clippers or manual for getting the perfect shaped hedges?

In simple words, yes, it is. Electric hedge clippers save more time than the manual clippers. It is comparatively, faster and simple.

A manual clipper is slower but gives better control. In conclusion, electric clippers will win the race.

  • How do you sharpen a hedge trimmer?

Sharpening a hedge trimmer is a complete process. First, align the upper and lower blades. Use a flat-file. With the file, try to sharpen the blade. Make sure the file is not touching the blade while pulling it back.

  • Which is better electric or battery hedge trimmer?

Honestly, both of them will provide a desirable result. But with an electric trimmer, there is no issue of replacing the battery or charging it. However, battery trimmers are portable enough. I would recommend the electric one over the battery-powered trimmer if you are a not a fan of portability.

  • What should I look for when buying a hedge trimmer?

There are few things to consider for sure. First, check your budget. Go for an electric trimmer instead gas-powered one. Check out the weight, safety measures, blade size, and lastly, you can follow the buying guide given above to get some insights about best electric hedge trimmer.

  • How dense a branch a hedge trimmer can Cut?

Being in a neutral point, generally, a hedge trimmer can cut the branches between 25 to 33 millimeters. An expert won’t recommend trimming lower or above the limit because it can ruin the appearance of the hedge and damage the trimmer itself.

  • What Safety Gear Do I Need for Hedge Trimming?

Before going for trimming the hedge, you must wear a pair of safety glasses because the debris can hurt you badly. Hearing protection is also recommended, along with boots. Do not try to be brave rather be safe wearing these.

  • Hedge trimmer corded vs cordless

This question is often asked by people yet the answer of it quite the same every time. Depending on your requirement, the answer will move in favour of corded or cordless trimmer. If you have read the buying guide this far, you should apprehend the main idea already.

Related imageSafety Tips

Whether the hedge trimmer is electric or not safety, precautions are necessary. Because of its powerful blades, any fatal wounds can occur. To prevent them follow the tips below.


  • Do Not Overlook the Safety Instructions

As soon as you get the tool, do not ignore the instruction that comes along with it.

  • Avoid Trimming in Rainy Weather

In dump weather trimming the hedge can be dangerous. So, try not to do the trimming on such condition. Even not with any best electric hedge trimmer.

  • Use Both Hands

Keeping the balance is crucial. Never trim single-handedly. It might cause some severe injuries. Instead, use both hands for sustaining the control.

  • Keep It in a Safe Place

When you are done with trimming, keep the machine in a safe place. Otherwise, any nasty unwanted accident can take place.

  • Don’t Try to Force

Do not force cutting any part of the hedge. Because of excessive force, sometimes it can damage the tool.

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Before doing the job, wear safety goggles, closed-toe shoes and gloves. Wearing PPE can save you from getting blisters.

  • Unplug it Before Cleaning

Getting an electric shock would be the last thing you will ever want while cleaning the hedge trimmer.


Final Thought

I strongly do believe by going through this whole article, you have acquired sufficient knowledge about the best electric hedge trimmer with fun.

A right trimmer can make your shrubs trimmed enough to give it an attracting appearance.

No matter what you decide to take, this helping guide will always be there to help you out whenever you need. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to give us a buzz below for any info.

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