6 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower of 2022

Amazing landscape right inside your beautiful house can make your mood delightful in every morning. But, keeping the backyard that elegant all the time requires some effort. That is where the best corded electric lawn mower enters.

Nowadays, there are lots of alternatives that exist as the technology of garden accessories has evolved over the years. You don’t have to adjust with gasoline mowers anymore. With corded electric mowers, there is no pressure regarding charging the battery or replacing-cost of it as well.

No more extra maintenance, no more spending good bucks for frequent refueling. Despite having so much ease now for mowing options, picking the best corded electric lawn mower is not that easy job at all.

Here, I will share some best mowers according to the market, a handy buying guide, and some tips for mowing the yard. By the end of the post, you will also get answers to some frequently asked questions.

So, let’s not waste more time. Hope on to my Best 38 hours researched lists and prepare to be amazed.


6 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower in 2022 :

ImageNameCutting DeckHeight AdjustmentPrice
GreenWorks 2502220-Inch Steel Deck7- Position Check Customer Reviews
Sun Joe MJ401E14-Inch steel blade3-positionCheck Customer Reviews

GreenWorks 2514216-Inch Steel Deck5-positionCheck Customer Reviews
Worx WG77914-Inch steel blade6-positionCheck Customer Reviews
Black and Decker MM200020-Inch Steel Deck7- Position Check Customer Reviews
Sun Joe MJ403E17-Inch Steel Deck16-Inch Steel DeckCheck Customer Reviews
  1. GreenWorks 25022



Greenworks 25022 is one of the beauties from the market that can degrade your nuisance into the ground level. This corded electric lawn mower long-lasting enough to provide reliable services.

It takes no time to commence without any sort of hassle of gas-powered energy. Ultimately, GreenWorks 20-inch 12 amp corded lawn mower 25022 manual can guide you through assembling it.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of GreenWorks 25022

The dimension of the commodity is 26.9x 16.1x 18 inches and appears in quite a massive size of 56lbs. It has a 24v electric motor that generates extreme power. Greenworks corded lawn mower presents a verity of options for mulching and side discharge.

There is a seven-position height adjustment from 1-1/2 to 3-3/4 inches Inch available. Thus you can cut any size of grass with perfection. The front wheel is 7 inches, and the rear one is 10- inches wide. In the backside of the wheel, there is a bag attached for mulch side discharge.


When you get the product in hand, you have to assemble it. Nevertheless, the process is considerably straightforward.



  • There is no gas emission and no extra maintenance.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Greenworks lawn mower is also capable of cutting wet grass.
  • It can stand firm against any weather conditions.
  • GreenWorks 25022 parts are inexpensive.
  • Because of the baggage system cleaning job is handy.


  • You need to acquire an extension cord as it doesn’t come with the actual product.
  • You may face the predicament of circuit breaking sometimes.



Image result for BULLET point signBest value it creates for the users

Greenworks 25022 model is assuredly the first model that pops in my mind. I didn’t find any significant drawbacks while evaluating this product. Moreover, it has admirable grass clipping system and offers numerous useful modifications.

As a Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower, there is no alternative to this model. If there is a comparison between GreenWorks 25022 vs 25112, then 25022 model will win the bid.


  1. Sun Joe MJ401E


Sun Joe cordless lawn mower is a walk-behind corded electric mower. The product arrives with attractive features that can serve your needs within the budget. Although not every mower is similar, a wrong purchase decision can cost you a fortune.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Sun Joe MJ401E

Sun Joe has developed this well designed, compact, durable model for those who love to mow the green yard without polluting the atmosphere. It has a durable steel blade which is 14-inch wide in size. The weight of the product is only 29lbs.

That is why it can be easily movable around the lawn. To assemble it, look for Sun Joe electric mower manual.

With the manual control, grass cutting height can be adjustable from 1.18 to 2.52 inches. The handle is collapsible when it is not meant for mowing. The detachable rear bag has a capacity of 10.6 gallons which can conveniently dispose of the grass clipping.

Furthermore, this tiny beast comes with a warranty of two years.



  • It is quite easy to operate because of its lightweight.
  • Almost no hassle in maintenance.
  • No carbon emission.
  • Durable built quality.



  • Sun Joe electric lawn mower won’t start in some cases.


Image result for BULLET point signBest value it creates for the users

Regardless of being small electric lawn mower, it is a great grass catcher. Although Sun Joe MJ401E-pro is the most modest of all the mower in the market, yet it interestingly manages to do considerable work.

So, do go with the appearance rather watch for the performance. Inevitably you will be surprised by the result.


  1. GreenWorks 25142


GreenWorks 25142 is such a kind of mower that empowers you to mow more convenient for you even when you are inexperienced in this job. This mower ensures top-notch performance with decent options. The moment you want precise value for your cash, take this one.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of GreenWorks 25142

GreenWorks corded lawn mower has a robust 40V motor that gives efficient cutting power. This machine’s one of the most appreciating features is its two-in-one mowing capabilities. The cutting height is alterable from the range of 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8 inch.


GreenWorks 25142 corded lawn mower is built of high-quality plastic which grants increased control and smooth mobility. The overall weight of the unit is 37.5lbs.

A lawnmower is meant to be somewhat noisy, yet this product works almost with no sound and minimal vibration.


GreenWorks 25142 manual will solve most of the problems that you may come across.



  • The design of the mower is quite attractive and stylish.
  • Maintenance is more permissive than ever before.
  • Flexible enough to operate.



  • Battery life is comparatively short-lived.
  • Somewhat tough to mow notable ground.


Image result for BULLET point signBest value it creates for the users

Best part using the product is, you have to learn to manage the cord. After a few sessions, you will get used to it. It has a mulching plug which will assist in the drier condition. The GreenWorks 25142 review in amazon is satisfactory enough.


Overall, you can utterly say it ‘the Best Lawn Mower’.

What else can be the best alternative of gas-powered lawnmower?


  1. Worx WG779


The Worx WG779 has a unique wheel design. Comfortableness and durable quality make it convenient to use for any individual. This product will last long enough if they are adequately maintained. Worx wg779 parts are cheap.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Worx WG779

This electric corded lawnmower dimension is 52.99 x 14.5 x 39 inches. The handle is foldable and takes a significantly smaller area. The device has seven different variations of height adjustment. Therefore, you can set any appearance for your lawn grass.


The cutting deck ensures premium mulching capabilities. It can mulch and side discharge simultaneously.


Worx wg779  electric lawn mower operates with 40V Power Share. A 100ft cord is included with the package so that you don’t need to grieve if you have a small yard. Although the product propels with only one blade, it cuts the grass quite efficiently.


If you want to grab more info about it, then see Worx wg779 review on amazon.



  • It can be folded up that makes it easier for storage.
  • Decent maneuverability.
  • The product offers three in one disposable option.



  • The wheeling alignment is not up to the mark.


Image result for BULLET point signBest value it creates for the users

 The model utilizes NutriCut blade which ensures great mulching of the grass clippings. The company has developed a significant innovative design with the caster wheel in this product. And this contributes agility and traction even in the uneven ground.


Additionally, the caster wheel has a locking feature as well.


  1. Black and Decker MM2000


The Black and Decker company is regularly manufacturing innovative equipment, and this MM2000 lawnmower is no exception. This model is quite famous because of its exceptional features. User-friendly operations make it even more desirable in the market.


Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Black and Decker MM2000

Black+Decker MM2000 13 amp 20 corded mower comes in two eye-catching colors. Those are black and orange variants. Product measure is 34.88″ x 16.81″ x 21.88. The height adjustment lever is flexible in seven diverse ways from the range of 1.5 to 4 inches.


This product equipped three modes of grass clipping management that can contain 13 gallons of nylon grass. The number of cutting positions of the product is three. The product comes with two years of warranty. Nevertheless, black and decker mm2000 parts have none.


When Black and Decker MM2000 repair requires, make a call to the mentioned number.

This product offers some striking traits that attract consumers to take it in the first place. While recommending this list, I could have placed it somewhere at the beginning.



  • Easily portable because of its lightweight design.
  • The effectiveness is satisfactory.
  • Quality of the product makes it a recommendable piece.
  • Can be stored in a smaller area.



  • Sometimes replacing of some parts might feel problematic.


Image result for BULLET point signBest value it creates for the users

Black and Decker MM2000 is a budget-friendly beast which carries 13amp motor. Although the blades need occasional sharpening, there is no additional maintenance. Thus, the machine is much more desirable than some other random lawnmower in the market.


  1. Sun Joe MJ403E




Sun Joe MJ403E is the model of lawnmower that for those people who wants to mow their lawn conveniently with a powerful mower. As the product uses electricity over gas so you don’t need to bother about your neighbors thinking they might get disturbed. There is no excess sound and no air contamination.

Image result for BULLET point signFeatures of Sun Joe MJ403E

This sturdy little machine is quite graceful in appearance. It has a convertible mowing system with 13amp robust motor. Height control settings also concede extra comfort for the users. Most likely of other best corded electric lawn mower, this product has seven height selection options. The range starts from .8 inch to 2.8 inches.

Whenever you feel the need to adjust the height to give the grass expected look, just take out the height selection handle outside then try to choose the suitable height. In the end, Sun Joe MJ403E parts are quite available in the market, if you need to change any.



  • The aesthetic-looking design which will make you crave for the product.
  • It is equipped with a bag that collects grass clippings.
  • Weight is only 31.5, which is quite lightweight.



  • Not particularly suitable for cutting thick tall grass.


Image result for BULLET point signBest value it creates for the users

Sun Joe MJ403E electric lawn mower takes not time to start, unlike any gas-powered mower. While storing it in a safe place, there should not be any worry about the space as the upper handle is foldable. So, if you want to make a purchase, don’t hesitate with this.


Related image Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Tiller

People often want their lawn to be spruce and neat; therefore, a lawnmower is an ultimate choice. It is imperative to keep the yard clean and green unless you want it to make your house look like a haunted place.


While purchasing a lawnmower, there is an abundance of confusing things that might hit you in the head. Among the various models, it is crucial to consider some factors to make an astute purchase.


Here I will recommend some of the factors to look at while purchasing a lawnmower from my secluded experience.


Check Your Budget

Before getting into any sort of discussion, first, check out how much you can spend on your lawn. It is more or less depend on your purchasing capability rather than the greens demand itself.

As there are many available options in the market, you need to choose in which budget range are you going to hold. Whenever you determine the suitable range for spending on a lawnmower, then have a look at some best corded electric lawn mower recommended above.

However, options of ‘electric lawn mowers for sale’ can be the right choice for you in case of a low budget situation.


Self-driven or Walk-behind

Self-driven lawnmowers are available in the category of cordless models. In comparison between walk-behind and self-driven lawnmowers, you will see there is a significant price difference.

Many homeowners prefer walk-behind lawnmowers than the other one because of the budget issue. Self-driven lawnmowers are usually gas-powered regardless of the cordless electric one is better on most occasions.


Lawn Size Matters

Many people overlook the size of the lawn, yet that is an indispensable factor to consider. If you have comparatively larger ground, then a distinct job like mowing the lawn can become a real chore for you.

In the proper season with the appropriate temperature and the moisture of the soil, grass can grow even faster. Therefore, your smaller yard won’t feel any difference. But in case of having a ground that massive enough can give you a hard job.


Consider Servicing Charge

Your expenditure won’t just end after purchasing a lawnmower. Many folks underestimate the cost of servicing in case any problems occur. That is where they make a mistake.

When you chose to buy a cordless lawnmower, don’t forget about the battery as those don’t last forever. So, after a while, you need to replace them along with the cutting blade. Most of the cutting blade will lose their sharpness after some mowing session.

So, consider the servicing and replacement cost before grabbing one from the market.


Check Out the Features 

As there is some best corded electric lawn mower available that have various features according to the dedicated job, you have to choose among them wisely. Look for some basic features that your device must-have.


Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied while mowing the yard. Let me share some must-have features underneath.


  • The controls should be handy to use.
  • Preferably the handle of the machine has to be height-adjustable.
  • The device should be comfortable for pushing and maneuvering across the ground.
  • Make sure the model you have chosen is lightweight.
  • Hassle-free and quick starting procedure.
  • The key ignition feature has to be there; hence, it would be easier to operate.
  • If you want a shorter cut than 35mm, then check whether the positioning is available or not.


On the edge, choosing an environmentally friendly device can give you the pleasure to play the role. Try to avoid the gas-powered lawnmower for less carbon emission. Those are easy to use and maintain.


Related image Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How to start an electric lawn mower?

It is effortless to start an electric lawn mower as this device is less complicated than the gas-powered machine. Yet many people often seek for the answer when they purchase a new one. There are two types of the electric lawnmower, such as Battery-powered and Corded.

Battery-powered Lawnmower

Starting a lawnmower requires an inserting key. After inserting the key in the slot, all you need to do is pressing the dedicated button.

Corded Lawnmower

It is moderately unlikely to have a corded lawnmower that not get a start in the exact way a battery-powered lawnmower does. The additional requirement to start this device is you need to plug the extended cord for power supply.

  • Can you use an electric lawn mower on wet grass?

When the rainy season comes, grass has a good growth due to adequate water supply. However, you need to cut the grass to make it even anyway, But the truth is, cutting wet grass with an electric lawn mower can be deadly because safety comes first no matter what.

You may slip accidentally towards a spinning blade. Don’t ask me what will occur next.

Wet grass customarily bends over because of the water. So, when you try to cut the grass precisely, it will miss the tall grasses anyway, which leads to the uneven looking yard.

I will recommend trying not to shave wet grass with an electric mower.

  • How to fix an electric lawn mower that won’t start?

There are many likelihoods for what electric mower won’t get started. First, check out whether the power supply is connected or not. Corded lawnmowers often fall short in the extended cable.

If the wire is long enough and connected, then check the breaker in your home. Sometimes when cutting bags are full lawnmower stops working.

Make sure the bag doesn’t reach its maximum capacity. Check the motor as well, because many lawnmowers have a safety mechanism for the children to hinder them using it. Lastly, ensure there is no excess grass or debris that preventing the blades from spinning.

  • How long do corded mowers last?

In my opinion, a dynamic quality durable corded mower can give you the service for a good ten years. But only if you take care of it properly and maintain it with a decent manner. To have that long service, you have to check it in regular intervals whether the device needs any replacement or not. You have to be careful with its servicing and other safety precautions.

However, Self-propelled electric lawn mower is also a good option. Because corded Self-propelled lawn mower reduces the hassle of the job. Best corded electric lawn mower will always do it for you.

Related imageSafety Tips

Adequate safety measure is crucial because electric lawnmower can be terrible sometimes. Before using the machine, an individual should know the necessary precautions of the procedure. Even with the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower.

Push the Machine

It will be a stupid move if you try to pull the lawnmower instead of pushing it. While pushing a lawnmower, you can have smooth control. But pulling requires much more effort and energy to move it around the yard. In common sense, pushing is safer as well than pulling.

Do not mow when the light is dim

It is pretty obvious not to mow when you cannot even see things correctly. When the daylight is not sufficient, or the weather is cloudy, it is not advisable to mow on those circumstances.

Because I guess there will be no such emergency to mow at that particular time. Remember, safety comes first in any situation.

Be safe while cleaning

The spinning blade needs decent cleansing as these are imperative to cut the grass sharply. But cleaning those blades with bare hands might cause severe damage. It is better to use extra protection to prevent any accident.

Wear sturdy shoes

If you are cutting the grass in the barefoot, trust me an accidental consequence can make you regret for the rest of your whole. Imagine you have slip somehow towards the spinning blade and there is no protection attached with your foot. Do not take such a disastrous risk.

Keep children awaygrass

While mowing makes sure, there are no children around. Because of the flying debris, any sort of unexpected accidents can take place.

Consumer reports electric lawn mowers quite often because of their unsatisfaction. However, if the question is; are electric lawn mowers any good? I will say, yes, it is.

Corded vs. Cordless Lawn Mower

An electric lawnmower is always a more certified option because of its lightweight, no pollutant mechanism, and inexpensiveness. But there still a dilemma exists between corded and cordless lawnmower.

If I need to talk about the maintenance first, the cordless battery needs to charge after every mowing session. On the other hand, the corded mower doesn’t require such action.

Cordless mowers typically cost higher than corded because of the battery.

However, with a cordless machine, you don’t have to think about the distance that it might cover. No matter how extensive the ground is, you can operate it anywhere. Corded mowers usually come with 100 feet extended cable.

Hence you can have endless run time with the corded one as the machine consumes power directly from the electric outlet. In contrast, cordless mowers provide around seventy minutes of run time depends on the battery size. Therefore, you need to recharge it overnight.


Height Adjustment and Grass Management

When you are up for purchasing an electric lawn, mower considers the height adjustment feature in it. According to the experts, you cannot cut grass more than thirty percent of its height. Because cutting down the grass to that extend leads to weaker growth.

Grass management contains a few options, as well. Mowers can collect the grass for disposal or can shoot grass clipping the opposite side of the ground. It depends on you how you want it to be. In the end, don’t scribble around the thought of; are electric lawn mowers good?


Final Thought

As we come down to an end together of the post, I hope you have now acquired enough information regarding the best corded electric lawn mower. I tried to accumulate as much as data possible to ensure you to take perfect decisions while spending money on a lawnmower.

However, if you are still struggling with any issue, then don’t hesitate to give me a buzz below.


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