My name is SM Siddique and I’m the owner of Dreamscapes Gardening.


A place to help you build the best GARDENING experience possible.

Dreamscapes Gardening is a site that helps you build your dream yard easily. I’ve been in the industry for 5 years, and it’s my goal to help people have their own space where they can relax or entertain themselves without feeling cramped at all times!

Dreamscapes Gardening is the go-to source for all things green. We covered in depth how to guides, reviews of garden products and regular features that are sure to keep you entertained throughout your gardening season!

The most important topics I have made idea to give kids the opportunity for a backyard that they could explore and have fun in. We made the move, discovering an outdoor space larger than before! Now when I think about how much time is spent on screens instead of being outside with friends or family members–you might often hear me say “Hey why don’t you go play out back?”

Along our journey we’re all connected by this common interest: having something new happening around every corner waiting patiently until it becomes available at your feet unrolling wide open across lawns more green grass under foot then ever.

We’re not just talking about tomatoes; cultivate a healthy ecosystem for any type plant or outdoor living space. Whether building raised beds yourself out back (or front), installing irrigation systems so vegetables can grow year round without worrying whether it will freeze tomorrow morning like this winter did yesterday.

Happy Gardening!